Shemirat HaBrit Prayer / Prayer for Guarding the Brit Pure – from Ben Ish Hai

Prayer for a man to resist temptations of the world. In Hebrew and English


Please God, for Your Great Name's sake & for Your Mercy & Kindness, Help Me. Help me to keep pure the Brit / sign of the Covenant which You have signed in our flesh. Save me from all sin & all evil & corrupt thoughts & save me from all impurities of the Brit / Covenant · in thought, speech, deed, sight & hearing or with any other faculties. And in all of them · may I act with purity, with holiness of the Brit / Covenant without any defect or contemplation of evil at all. May I overcome the Yetzer Hara / Evil Inclination & my mind be bound & adhering to holiness at all time. For in Your many mercies, You chose us from all nations & exalted us from all tongues, & distinguished us from all their impurities.
I give thanks, O GOD · our God & the God of our fathers, that You brought us out of the land of Egypt, & redeemed us from the house of bondage & for Your Brit / covenant You made in our flesh, & for Your Torah which we learned, & the laws of Your Will that we proclaimed, & for life & food with which You sustain us. Please, Hash·m "G·d You created me with a pure heart · renew my spirit within me with righteousness." Let me think thoughts of holiness, purity, clear & proper & I will always have a happy heart to do Your service. Help me in the honor of Your Name from now & evermore. Amen. May it be Your Will. " (Ben Ish Hai · Halachot · Re'eh · Year 1 · Section 17).




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