Prayer for Protection of Children & How to Show Your Love & Appreciation

Prayer for the Children: A special prayer of Parents for the protection of children - a prayer from 'Otzar Hatefilot' Siddur

Master of all worlds, Merciful King, have mercy on me and on my sons who are born to me from my wife / from my husband (Hebrew first name “son / daughter of” mother’s name) and open their hearts like the door of an entrance hall, so that they may understand the depths and reasons and secrets of your Torah for Your Sake. And give them a long life and blessed years and prolong their days and years. And may they merit to have kosher descendants, living and well for many Years, and may they be filled with Torah and wisdom and the fear of sin, and they will be loved above and beloved below and may they have grace and good intellect in the eyes of G·d and man. And save them from the evil eye and the evil inclination and from all kinds of troubles that cause trembling and come into the world. And may my wife / my husband and I raise them and may they not die in my life and not in the life of my wife / husband. Please do not return empty-handed from before You, for You hear the prayer of all mouths in Mercy. Blessed are you who hears prayer. May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be before you, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Show Your Love / Show Your Appreciation - Ways to do both


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