Letter of the Ramban / Rabbi Moshe ben Nah’man – Nahmanides / Iggeret HaRamban

Letter of the Ramban / Iggeret HaRamban - English

This letter was sent by the Ramban (Rabbi Moshe Nahmanides), zt"l, from his city (of Acre in Eretz Yisrael) to his son in Catalina, Spain to impart to him to act with humility. He instructs him to read it once a week & that others (like his children) should learn it with him as well. He should learn to read it by heart to learn the fear of Heaven from his youth. He informs him that on the day that he reads this letter, all that he asks, will be answered by heaven. And whoever will accustom themselves to saying it will spare themselves from all pains & they are assured to inherit the world to come. (From book Me'ulephet Sappirim.)

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