Coloring Book – Safe & Healthy – Interactive Safety – English / English

Jewish Coloring Book that Teaches Child About Safety

A Coloring Book with which a Parent can use to explain safety concerns to children.

Topics Include:

General Safety & Health
Know About & Eat Healthy Food / Food Pyramid
Eat Kosher Food
Brush Teeth Twice And After Sugar
Don't Smoke
Don't Throw Toys
Don't Put Objects In Our Ears Or Nose Or Mouths -
Don't Put A Balloon Or Penny In Our Mouth
Don't Take Medicine By Yourself
Don't Try To Hurt Or Bite Anyone
Don't Let Grown-Ups Do Things That Make You Uncomfortable
Tell Mommy & Daddy If Someone Makes You Uncomfortable
Your Body Is Yours - Know About Acceptable & Unacceptable Touching
Know Who Are People You Can Trust
Don't Go With Someone To A Place Where You'll Only Be The Two People
Always Daven To Hashem To Keep You Safe

Outdoor Safety
Don't Play Ball Near The Gutter Or Don't Play Or Run In The Streets
Don't Chase Balls Or Run After Big Boys Into The Street
Stop On Red (Hand) , Walk On Green (or With Walk-Man)
Never Run Across The Street Even If You See Bubby Or Zaidy / Grandma Or Grandpa
Hold Hands When Crossing Street.
Stay Away From Dogs That Bite
Don't Push In Or Cut The Line

Indoor Safety
Don't Play With Plugs Or Electricity - Don't Overload An Electric Socket
We Don't Open Or Play With Chemicals That Mom Uses To Clean
Fire Safety
Don't Play With Touch And Iron, Don't Leave Iron Unattended
If There Is Fire On Clothing Or Body - 1. Stop 2. Drop 3. Roll

Travel Safety
We Don't Run Ahead Or Stay In Back
Stay far from Cars. Run Away & Scream If A Stranger Asks You To Get In A Car
If Lost, Call Parents. Ask a Mother With Children Or Police Person For Help


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