Positive Attitude Card

Jewish Hashkafa / Outlook - A Positive Attitude Can Be Obtained By Regularly Saying:
I Put Hash·m Before Me at All Times
It is the Kindness of Hash·m
All that the Merciful One (G·d) Does, He Does for the Good
Also This is for the Good.
Blessed Be G·d / Thank G·d
With the Help of G·d
If G·d Wills
Also This Will Pass
There is only Hash-m
Without Commitment
The Salvation of G·d / Hash-m comes in the blink of an eye
Serve Hash·m with Joy. Come in His Presence with Joyful Song. (Tehillim / Psalm 100:2)
Believe it will be good & it will be good!

and the Power of Saying Amen!

(Jewish "Mantras" on Business Sized Card)


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