My Mini-Siddur / Prayer Book

The Easy Guide to Judaism

Most Jews are connected to Judaism. Listen to their conversations. One will say “Shalom” when seeing someone who looks Jewish. Another will advocate for the State of Israel. One will tell Jewish Jokes or talk about Jewish celebrities. Most all will be careful to observe their particular Mitzvah – like doing acts of kindness, giving charity, volunteering, visiting the infirm. Most eat Matza on Passover. It means that all Jews have some kind of inner spark that pulls them to keep a connection with Judaism, whatever level that may be.

This Mini-Siddur / Prayer Book is for those that have a basic interest in Judaism to help them observe the rudimentary but essential Mitzvot in the Torah to supplement that interest.

In English, Transliteration Hebrew (Pronunciation of Hebrew written in English Letters), Hebrew side-by-side.


Morning Blessings - To Thank G·d for all He provides Daily
Ashrei - Happy - To Declare Our Happiness in G·d's Service
Shema Yisrael / Hear Oh Israel To accept Yoke of Heaven & Declare G·d's Oneness (said in morning & at night)
Amida - Standing Prayer to Express thanks & Needs
Aleinu - Prayer Conclusion Appreciating Our Lot
Kaddish - Mourners Kaddish – in memory of departed
Tehillim / Psalm 84 - Thanks for G·d's Dwelling places / To find one
Blessings before Food - To Bless G·d for Food before eating it
Blessings after Food - To Thank G·d for Food after a meal
Asher Yatzar - Good health Blessing said after bathroom
How to do Shabbat - Easy Shabbat Observance Guide
Candle lighting -Said on 2 Candles before Shabbat or Holiday
Kiddush - Prayer said on a Cup of Kosher Wine or Grape Juice to Sanctify the Shabbat
Havdala - After Shabbat, Saturday Night we distinguish Holiness of Shabbat from the rest of week

Also Includes: Hebrew Alphabet, Shabbat Guide, Lost Item Prayer (p. 22), Travelers Prayer (p. 25), Psalms List, Ramban's Letter, 7 Noahide Laws.

My Mini Siddur is a perfect abridged Prayer Book for those that want to pray the basic prayers of the morning.


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