Ways G-d Run’s the World – 8 Spiritual Reasons Why Trump will Win Election According to Torah

Just like in the physical world – nature exists – so too in the spiritual world. One may think  things happen through chance at times – but really everything is calculated precisely by G-d. In last week’s parasha / Torah reading we learned that G-d conducts the world in one of two ways – through the nature of the physical world or through miracles.

The concepts below are some ways that G-d runs the world. Looking at the concepts and the variables – it points to that Trump will win the election.

  1. Midah Keneged Midah / Measure for Measure

G-d acts with people measure for measure. If one does good – he receives good. If one does the opposite he receives the opposite. Trump did good for America and Israel in general – thus G-d will be good to him.

2. Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li / If I am not for myself who will be for me

Hillel said in pirkei avot – “If I am not for myself – who will be for me?” Meaning if one helps himself – G-d will help them. If one helps the country – G-d will help that person help the country. Trump has put the country’s interest first – before the interests of other countries.

3. Sonei Matenot Yichye/ those who hate gifts will live.

A person who avoids taking gifts will be more successful than one who does. Trump did not take a presidential salary. He took $1 – even though he deserves to be paid for his position.

4. Tefillah / Prayer & hakarat hatov / gratitude

Because of the positive things that Trump has done for the Jewish people – like recognizing the Israel as the Jewish Nation, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, helping to make peace between Israel and Arab nations and that he plans to do – the Jews will pray for Trump to win. They have hakarat hatov / gratitude for his acts.

5. Tzadik Gozer ve Hash-m Mekayem / The Righteous Declare and Hash-m Fulfills

If a righteous person – who follows Torah strictly – makes a declaration – G-d will fulfill it. Many righteous Jews are praying that Trump will win and supporting him.

6. Hamatchil BeMitzvah Omrim Lo Gemor / One who start’s a Mitzvah we tell him to Continue

When one starts doing a mitzvah – G-d helps him to continue. Trump started helping making peace between with the Arab nations and Israel – G-d will let him continue.

7. Time of Mashiach people will turn towards G-d

In the times of Mashiach – people will slowly turn to serving Hash-m. The Covid virus caused many to analyze their lives and introspect and search for G-d. People are becoming closer to G-d. Trump’s values are more in line with the 7 Noahide laws for all people than his opponent.

8. The Opponents of Trump are for Murder of innocent

Abortion in most cases is forbidden in Torah. One of the only time’s that it is permitted is if carrying the baby to full term will physically endanger the mother’s life. Late term abortions and abortions that do not fit the categories that are permitted by the Torah is prohibited.

Great Rabbis Rav Moshe Feinstein, Rav Ya’akov Kamenetsky and Rav Joseph B. Soloveitchik called abortion murder.

In any case – whoever wins – lev hamelech biyad Hash-m the heart of the king is in the hand of G-d. G-d will ultimately guide the country in the the best way. Hash-m should help us to find the best leader to help the world live peacefully and with respect for one another. Amen.




10 Reasons why Trump Will Win the Election According to Judaism

I was a registered Democrat for most of my life – but recently because of the change in the politics of the party to become more radical – I have chosen the middle path.

Though our site usually refrains from politics – because of many factors – we do not shy away from treating issues that are pertinent to Torah, Judaism and Jewish people. We thus give you logical and reasons according to Torah for who we think will win the Election according to Torah.

1. Trump Believes in G-d

On the Dollar it says “In G-d We Trust.” This is one reason why the US Dollar has been a major & strong currency in history. In Many of Trump’s speeches he mentions G-d. G-d gives success to those that believe in Him.

2. Trump Supports Basic Morality

G-d wants the world to follow morality of the Torah – The 7 Noahide laws for all nations and the 613 Commandments for the Jews. Trump’s platform and stance is more in line with Torah than his opponent.

3. Trump has more followers

God Loves those that are loved. Trump has more people who show up at his rallies than his opponent – an indication of his popularity.

4. Trump Has Done a Good Job Bringing Up the Economy & Holding the line against other countries & issues that may be detrimental to the US’s Interests

Im Ain Ani Li. The Torah says “If I am not for myself – who will be for me.” Trump has put the interests of the US before the interests of others. He provided the stimulus package from Corona. He held his ground with other nations. G-d rewards those that do good to His Chosen Nation. The USA has been in General a Nation of Kindness towards the Jews and other Nations. G-d will thus repay kindness with kindness by giving Trump more time to improve the Economy.

5. G-d Protects the Pursued

From the Beginning of the election much of the Democratic party & the media that supports them has been focused on seeing ways to criticize, condemn and complain against our President. G-d protects those who are pursued.

6. Trump Has done things to help the Jewish community at large – Orthodox Jews will Pray that Trump will Win

After the good that Trump has done for Israel and the Jewish community – the Orthodox Jews feel a debt of gratitude towards Trump. Take into account the Difficulties that ceratin Democrats have placed on Orthodox Jewish Groups – will motivate them further to pray for a Republican Leader. Rabbis Have Endorsed Trump because his values are more in line with Torah values than his opponent.

7. Torah Codes

In the Previous election – Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson Showed through the Torah Codes that Trump would be the victor. Rav Meir Turnheim, a chassid who lives in Lod, Israel  uses a different method to inquire the verses of the Torah. He came to the same conclusion that Trump will win.

8. The Other Side’s Platform is More Based Upon Criticism of Trump than Solving Problems

G-d runs the world according to Nature. People see through the difference between criticism and constructive criticism. In all the 4 years instead of pursuing a path to present solutions to problems – like has Trump – they have been trying to bring him down. This in the end will serve towards their detriment. People see through a real interest in improving the situation and just the desire to try to bring the downfall of the opposition.

9. The Opposition’s Platform Wants to Make the Country Less Moral According to Torah Ideals

G-d Hates immorality. He wants people to follow his Torah laws. The opposition supports Abortion (on demand) without valid reasons, Homosexuality, etc. G-d wants morality according to His laws – the Torah – to be observed. The opposition is opposed to many laws of the Torah. G-d wants a country to be lead with a government that supports – law & order, respect of human life, respect of G-d, respect of property, respect of living creatures – as seen in the 7 Noahide laws of the Torah for all people. People feel safer when there is order than when anarchy reigns. This is one reason why it says “Pray for the peace of the Government – for if it was not – people would eat each other alive.”

10. Trump is a Businessman – not a Politician

Trump is running the country like a business. If something works he does it. If it doesn’t he nixes it. Thus his interest is more in line with running a business – the US – than listening to the opinions of the various groups that may have interests that are to the detriment of the US.

When Napoleon entered Russia – two rabbis had opposing vues of who they prayed to win the war. One Rabbi prayed that Napoleon should win – because he would make material life better for the Jewish people. The Other rabbi prayed that Russia win the war – because it would be better for the spirituality of the Jewish people. We pray that one who will lead the country next will do good for both the spirituality and material sustenance of the Jews and all people.

Good God – Why the Pain & Suffering? A Good Year to Come.

Shana Tova!

A good year to all!

This is the time that we wish others a Happy New Year. Rosh Hashana is the day that all people in the world are judged according to their deeds.

Now is a New Year. Last Year it was Year 5780. This Year it is 5781.

The Jewish Year Differs from other calendars in various aspects.

1. Our Year is based upon the Lunar & Solar Year.

2. The Months are calculated according to the Synodic Month – the time it takes for the Moon to circle the earth. Our Months are usually 29 – 30 days.

3. We add a month (Adar II) 7 times in 19 years to adjust for the discrepancy between the lunar & solar year.

4. Our Year starts in the Jewish Month of Tishrei. (Around September).

5. Our Year corresponds to the amount of years from the creation of the world.

Why the Difficulties?

The Past Year was a Challenging year to say the least.

Everything is in the Torah. There is an allusion to last year – 5780 -in the Torah (Vayikra / Leviticus 23:43)

וְהָאָרֶץ֩ תֵּעָזֵ֨ב מֵהֶ֜ם וְתִ֣רֶץ אֶת־שַׁבְּתֹתֶ֗יהָ בָּהְשַׁמָּה֙ מֵהֶ֔ם וְהֵ֖ם יִרְצ֣וּ אֶת־עֲוֺנָ֑ם יַ֣עַן וּבְיַ֔עַן בְּמִשְׁפָּטַ֣י מָאָ֔סוּ וְאֶת־חֻקֹּתַ֖י גָּעֲלָ֥ה נַפְשָֽׁם׃

For the land shall be forsaken of them, making up for its sabbath years by being desolate of them, while they atone for their iniquity; for the abundant reason that they rejected My rules and spurned My laws.

the Numerical Value of the word “Ya-An” –  יַ֣עַן
is 780. Yud = 10, Ayin = 70, Nun Sofit = 700.

In Two Sefarim – One by the Chatam Sofer / Chasam Sofer (on the Parasha) and One by Rabbi Netanel son of Yeshaya (from Yemen in his sefer / book the Meor HaAfela) we learn that 5780 will be a difficult year.

“190 years ago, the Chatam Sofer said that 5780 would be an difficult year, and that 5781 would be a year when the poor man (the Jewish People) would be raised up from the garbage.”

In a certain site it describes the situation thus:

“Rebbe Nachman says that when Moshiach comes there will be such a tumult in the world, that people are not going to know what’s happening. They’re going to lose themselves and be completely confused. Only those who are holding on to the tzaddik (Righteous Torah Sage) will know what’s happening. And in another place he says that only those who do regular hisbodedus (Self-introspection), personal prayer to Hashem, will be able to experience redemption as something good, everyone else will be confused.


Reasons For Suffering

The simple reason why we suffer is because G-d is our loving Father. He wants a person to have a relationship with Him. A relationship with Hash-m / G-d also happens to be the greatest pleasure one can have. Thus when suffering is sent from above it may be for one of more reason:

  1. G-d runs the world Middah Keneged Middah – What one does comes back to him or her. If one is kind – kindness pursues him or her. This is the nature in the spiritual world.
  2. G-d is punishing an individual for past deeds.
  3. G-d wants a person to wake up and follow Torah (The 613 commandments for Jews or the 7 Noahide laws from the Torah for Gentiles / non-Jews)
  4. Lefum tzaara agra – According to the pain is the reward. (Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers 5:23) The more pain one has – the stronger one becomes. He or She turns to G-d and receives a reward for that. At times the pain is the reward – the pain awakens the person to better opportunities. A Wife yells at her husband (the suffering) to take care of the children instead of being a workaholic. He then discovers a better relationship with his family. (the reward).
  5. We don’t understand the calculations of G-d. (Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers 4:15)
  6. The Suffering is for the person’s good. (It makes him introspect and become a softer better person). Suffering is expected to grow. For a person to become strong he or she has to push themselves out of their comfort zone – for instance exercise or running a marathon or doing cold calling.

If a person’s suffering allowed him or her to awaken and become closer to Hash-m will eventually look back and be thankful for the difficulty.

So a simple way to avoid suffering is to take a proactive stance. Start learning Torah. (see links section) Start attending an Orthodox synagogue more often. Put children in a Torah school. Gentiles – learn about the 7 Noahide laws from the Torah.

Teshuva, Tzedaka and Tefillah can remove a bad judgement. Teshuva – is repentance. Tzedaka is giving Charity to Torah causes. Tefillah is prayer to Hash-m / G-d. Remember G-d / Hash-m is our Loving Father. Just like a father is merciful with their children – G-d is merciful with us when we communicate, repent and help our brothers and sisters. Do Teshuva because of awe or fear – one’s sins are erased. Do Teshuva because we realize the great kindness of Hash-m and we Love Him – our transgressions become Mitzvot (Merits).

Do good Get good. Think it will be good and it will be good.

Seven Remedies to Corona from the Hebrew Words

Hebrew is the language that Hash-m/G-d used to create the world – One difference between Hebrew and other languages. Another – Hebrew tells you of the essence of the object with the word.

One example Dog – in Hebrew is Celev. Adam, the first man, named the animals. Kol-Lev – means All Heart. Thus we see people picked up on this fact and say that “a dog is man’s best friend.” Is that expression true? Apparently not. But it picks up on the fact that dogs are loyal to their master.

Hebrew words tell you the Essence of object’s besides animals as well. Mayim is Water. In Hebrew it is spelled


Two Mem’s Connected to a Yud. This is strikingly similar to the chemical composition of Water – H20 – Two Hydrogen Atoms connected to an Oxygen Atom. A water Molecule looks like:


Another interesting Fact about water is that it expresses a wonder. In Hebrew Mah- Means “what?” In English it is called Water. Having the word “What” in it. Aqua – which used to be the French word for water – “Quoi” in French means what.

Hebrew is also the Mother of all languages. Many words from other languages resemble words from Hebrew – especially in English-related languages. They say that the Jews made the English language – because they were commissioned by the Romans.

Some similarities – Fruit in English is Perot in Hebrew. There is a whole book on the subject.

Remedies from the Hebrew Words of the Virus

In Judaism – there is a physical world and a spiritual world. There is a nature in both of these worlds. These worlds are intertwined. By doing something physical you can affect the spiritual world and vice versa.

For Example by giving tzedaka / charity (a physical act) to a worthy Torah sanctioned cause – one can create kindness to be showered from above (a spiritual act). It will also help them receive a better parnassa – income. Aser Ta’aser / עשר תעשר – You shall surely give a tithe. Our sages comment – give a tithe so that you will become wealthy – עשר כדי שתתעשר.

Another Example is observing the Shabbat (for Jews – Gentiles are not obligated to guard the Sabbath according to the 7 Noahide laws of the Torah for all humanity to observe). Observing the Shabbat (a Spiritual act) will bring blessing to the week and help a person have a good parnassa (a physical act).

Thus both acts – physical and spiritual – are needed to combat ailments – lo aleinu / they should not come upon us. Obviously a person who is ill should seek medical attention – but there are things to do to help avoid that one gets ill.

G-d sends the cure before the illness. In the Hebrew words for the virus we can learn possible remedies. In a previous articles on remedies – we mentioned possible cures. This article focuses on the connection between the Hebrew words and the remedies.

  1. Call Out to Hashem – G-d to Help You stay healthy or be curedCorona is Spelled in Hebrew Kuf-Vav-Resh-Vav-Nun-Alef.

This Means – Coro (Call Him / ie, Hashem/G-d) – Na / Please.

If We call out to Hash-m to heal us sincerely – He will heal us. When we call Him – it doesn’t just mean to call out to Him – but do do things to come closer to Hash-m. One common remedy is teshuva / repentance to synchronize our ways with the ways of the Torah. How? See our article on Starting Over – wiping the slate clean.

Kar / קר – means cold

אָנָּא . / Ana – means – (flowery) please. When we call out to Hash-m to answer us – we use the word Ana.

When we are cold in calling out to Hash-m – the virus occurred. In our coldness with our relationship with our Creator – the virus occurred. The Solution to be sincere and warm up our relationship with Him.

2. Avoid Eating Raw Animals

In a verse in Parasha / Weekly Torah Reading Bo, where G-d sends the last three plagues upon Egypt & commands the Jews to do the Pascal Lamb offering – it states:

אַל־תֹּאכְל֤וּ מִמֶּ֙נּוּ֙ נָ֔א וּבָשֵׁ֥ל מְבֻשָּׁ֖ל בַּמָּ֑יִם כִּ֣י אִם־צְלִי־אֵ֔שׁ רֹאשׁ֥וֹ עַל־כְּרָעָ֖יו וְעַל־קִרְבּֽוֹ׃

Do not eat any of it raw (“Na”), or cooked in any way with water, but roasted—head, legs, and entrails—over the fire. (Shemot / Exodus 12:9)

In Rashi – the classic commentator on the Torah – defines the word “Na” in that verse.

אל תאכלו ממנו נא DO NOT EAT OF IT HALF-DONE — flesh that is not roasted as much as it should be is called נא in the Arabic language (cf. Pesachim 41a).

He says that flesh that is raw is called Na – Called in Hebrew is “Caro”. Called “Na” – in Hebrew is “Caro Na”

The Message – Don’t eat raw Flesh.

3. Have Honor for Synagogue Prayer

In America, on the 27th of Nisan 5764, a Jewish corona victim named Rabbi Kahalani died. Everyone was shocked and broken that such a dear and righteous Jew had departed. Following the virus that raged after the funeral, the deceased, Rabbi Kahalani, came to his son in a dream and said to him in these words: “My dear son, you know that the corona plague was born in the synagogue. And if you want to know why and how I received permission from heaven to come to you and reveal to you the secret of bringing the plague that drives your world down it is because I was careful with all my might, all my life not to speak in the synagogue under any circumstances, so it was agreed that I  Go down to you and reveal this thing to you! ”


Rabbi Kahalani finished in a dream and said to his son:
Know that this is why this plague in English is called COVID 19.

“Heavy” – because of the “honor” that they do not give to the synagogues and disregard prayer instead of honoring prayer. (And as we know, there are 19 blessings in the Standing Prayer [the Amida].)


The dream thing happened that week in which the Parasha / Weekly Torah Reading was “Kedoshim” in which it is written :
In Vayikra / Leviticus Chapter 19:30 – “You shall keep My Sabbaths and venerate My sanctuary: I am the LORD.

Before us again and again are signs from heaven about the reverence of the synagogues and the caution against speaking there. Indeed, it is up to us to eliminate this epidemic immediately …


By “The Connecting Light” (On the cause of the published “Corona” epidemic, by Rabbi Shlomo Levinstein, shlita. (From the issue “It is good to take refuge in G-d”))

A gadol – Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky – mentioned that we were sent out of the synagogues because of the virus – because of the lacking of proper decorum in certain synagogues. Thus we should make an effort to avoid speaking vain conversations in the shuls and have proper kavana / concentration in the davening / prayer. We are enjoined to attend our Torah shuls – but with the respect due to them. One lack of respect is refraining from attending the synagogues. (If one is healthy, fit and able to do so.) Attending an Orthodox Synagogue – is a respect for Hash-m.

4. Avoid Too Much Traveling

קָרָה. / Kara means – to happen, to transpire, to occur.

Na’ veNad (נע ונד) means to move about. Karah (קָרָה) Na’ means it happens to those that are moving.

5. Observe Social Distancing

קָרָה. / Kara means – to happen, to transpire, to occur.

Na’ veNad (נע ונד) means to move about.

Kara Na’ can also mean – it happens by moving [from one person to another]. Meaning that is contagious.

6. Do Exercise

קָרָא  – means to read; to call out to, to summon (ל); to call, to name; to shout. Na’ (נע) means to move about.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss. Apparently a person who is fit and healthy and exercising will be able to prevent or battle the corona virus. If someone is not feeling well- G-d Forbid – they should try exercising and being active physically. Those not affected can do exercise to avoid getting it.

7. Eat Healthy 

קָרָה. / Kara means – to happen, to transpire, to occur. נָא / Na  – means  slender 
A person should eat healthy to be in good health to avoid being susceptible to the virus.

Finding a “No Internet” Phone – for Executives, Seniors, Kids or Kosher Phone Seekers

Nowadays phones sell based upon how many gadgets they have. I personally dislike giving a kid a phone to be a babysitter. By an “accidental” press of a button – they can arrive at improper sites and videos. Seniors also prefer a phone that is simple.

People who want a “No Internet” phone

Mainly Five Groups of People are interested in NO Internet phones

How can you find that phone? How can you find the phone service that provides a plan without data?

I went through the motions and I’d like to share you my techniques in finding a “No Internet Phone”

There are two aspects to be concerned about:

  • finding the right phone plan – that offers no data.
  • finding the right phone  – that offers no data

Many companies offer no data. But if you have a phone that has wifi capability – going to any “free wifi” area – will allow you to bypass that concern.

A phone that has no wifi with a phone plan that offers data might also be problematic. Why? Because at times that phone will also access the internet – through your phone plan.

Thus to be on the safe side – it’s best to get both

  • A plan without data and
  • a phone without wifi capability.

Choosing a Plan

Let’s talk about the plan first – how do you find one that offers “No Data”?

I found one called “tello.com” – it is on the former “Sprint” Network (Sprint was bought-out by T-Mobile – so it will likely continue to be supported). Unlimited talk and text (without Internet Data) costs about $8 monthly.

You will probably be able to find other plans that offer “No Data.”

You may also want to make sure the plan offers coverage in your home area. You can do a search of

“Phone Coverage Areas” Sprint

or for whatever your plan you are considering.

Choose one that suits you the best.

Choosing the Right Phone

Now that you have chosen your “No Data” plan – now choose a phone.


Your cell phone carrier usually uses one of two cell phone transmission systems:

Either CDMA or GSM.

  • GSM is used by AT&T, Cricket and others
  • CDMA is used by Verizon, Sprint, Metro PCS, T-Mobile

Finding a Non-Internet Phone

The Simplest way to find a kosher phone is to go to a search engine – like google.com or duckduckgo.com or a shopping site like amazon.com or ebay.com and search for :

“kosher phone”

You can choose a phone or even a plan. There are phone stores that only sell Kosher Phones.

Here are some stores and organizations:

Kosher Cell

  • It offers various cell-phones that lack internet capability


  • It offers an exclusively Zoom tablet from Amazon

Tech Kosher

  • An Organization that will recommend the right phone for you

DIY (Do it Yourself) – finding a Kosher Phone

It is highly recommended to use one of the above or other “kosher phone” organizations to find the right kosher phones. They will be able to answer many of your concerns.

One site that evaluates cell phones is called Phonearena.com. To find a phone that has no wifi capability Do a Google search for either

“lacks wifi” site:phonearena.com


“lacks wi-fi” site:phonearena.com

This will help you find phones on the site that don’t offer wifi. Then you can look at that particular phone if it serves your needs. Obviously you must make sure it works with your phone plan.

Most phones today offer wifi capability. One way to find a “No Internet” phone is to go to Ebay.com or amazon.com and search:

“Kosher Phone”


“sprint phone” – (or whatever carrier you have)


“cdma phone” – – (or GSM – if your carrier uses that system)


“no wifi”


“no internet phone”

then sort by least expensive.

Usually you will find phones that have no internet capabilities – but you must confirm by reading the details about the phone or looking up the phone model on phonearena.com. Because it is inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t have internet capability.

Look at the phone screen to see if it offers “web browsing.” If it does it is not a “no internet Phone”

For phone safety find a phone that has a low SAR or EMF (radiation) level for the head and body. Stay away from phones with SAR levels of over 0.9.



Politics Ruining Your Life? Use Time More Productively

My friend is a traveling salesperson. He sells yarn to retail stores. He told me that one Knitting Club had a sign posted: “No Political Discussions Here.” I heard many offices and schools apply the same creed.

We applied the same message in our synagogue.

Once people started discussing politics at a friendly breakfast in the dining hall. One was a Republican – the other a Democrat. Each was touting their candidate. One became offended and left the synagogue and never returned.

It was too bad. He was a nice man. He had much to gain from Judaism.

Now – no more politics in our shul. Yes we limit “Freedom of Speech” in order to have peace in the synagogue. Want to discuss politics? Go outside – go to a restaurant – but not in our Synagogue. A synagogue is a place for peace – not quarrel. A place to grow – not a place to stagnate with ideas that bring people no where. You will rarely convince the other party that you are right. What will you be left with – bad feelings.

Rabbi Brandt from France told a joke:

The Evil inclination / Yetzer haRa came to Noach / Noah before the flood and wanted to enter the ark. “I’ m sorry you can’t enter the ark. You have to enter as a couple. Where  is your mate?” he told him. The Evil Inclination searched around and decided to marry Quarrel Mongering. Noah let them in. Eventually – they had a baby. They called it Politics.

Vote – very good. Write to your congressman. But political discussions are rarely lucrative. I met a person who refused to marry a person with different political views. I asked what if the person you meet is kind, sensitive and has the right Torah values but would vote for the other candidate – would you refuse matrimony? He explained he wouldn’t think it would be a good match.

“Lev Melech BiYad Hash-m” (Mishlei / Proverbs 21:1) King Solomon – the wisest of all men – said “Like Channeled waters, the heart a king is in the hands of Hash-m / G-d – He directs it to whatever he wishes.” G-d directs the heart of the rulers to achieve His own purpose. (See Commentaries on the verse.)

So in actuality – our comments will make no difference in how the politician will act. Our actions of kindness towards others may influence the politician. Because when G-d sees us doing His will – He will influence the politician decide to do things that benefit people – like we helped people benefit with our kindness. Prayer to Hashem also makes a difference.

Many a time a parent is very adamant upon their views. What do they teach children – to hate people with views different from theirs. To argue. To adopt the views and “morality” of society.

They spend their time trashing others – so the children learn its alright to insult others – like their friends and family.

Being too much into politics also detracts from one’s Torah learning. If one is constantly involved in political discussion – the opportunity cost is losing time to learn Torah. The Torah what it means to be Jewish. It teaches:

Learning to respect others. Learning to do acts of Kindness. Learning to respect parents and grandparents. Learning to be a peaceful person. Learning to establish a positive relation with friends and family. Learning to establish a relationship with our Creator.  Learning the True morality of Hash-m. Learning to be respectful with all people – regardless of their race or face or occupation.

Political discussions is sometimes anti-ethical to the Torah. The Torah promotes gratuitous love between our fellow Jews. Political discussion may cause gratuitous hatred.

Political discussions may turn off people – like potential friends, old friends or potential marriage mates. It may get a person so involved that people lose sight of the priorities in life – getting married with a Torah-minded mate, doing kindness with others that may not share your political views, establishing a Torah family, etc.

My recommendation to any politically opinionated person : Spend at least as much time studying Torah as you do expressing your political views. Many sites exist. You will live a more serene life – a life full of peace, love and understanding. See our links section for a list of sites. Gentiles can take time to learn about the Torah’s 7 Noahide laws for all humanity.

The Torah tells us in the time of Mashiach people will be polarized. Some on one side of the fence. Others on the other side of the fence. I hope to be among those on the Side of the Torah and Hash-m. Amen.

Curing Yourself of the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye. What is it?

A jealous heart against another can cause damage upon someone by casting their eyes upon him or her. We find it in the Chumash – Bilaam had an evil eye that could cause damage to others. Modesty saves from the evil eye.

Understanding the Evil Eye

Someone explained to me the concept of the Evil Eye. Hash-m is very receptive to the desires and thoughts of every person. One of the 13 principle’s of Judaism of the Rambam is that Hash-m knows a person thoughts.

If a person looks at someone and sees that he has an item that he does not have – G-d opens up both of their books. He sees if the person is really deserving of the item and this causes a judgement to occur. If the person deserves the item – good. If he does not G-d allows harm to occur to the item or the person.

The Sources:

In the Torah we find hundreds of references of the evil eye:

Sarah (apparently inadvertently) cast an evil eye upon her maidservant Hagar causing her to miscarry. Miriam – Moses sister – in the Torah calls Moshe’s wife “cushite” / black because she was beautiful to avoid giving her the evil eye. Bilaam tried to cast his evil eye upon the people of Israel.

The Talmud (Bava_Metzia.107b) talks about the Evil Eye.There Rav once went to a graveyard. He found that 99 out of 100 people die of the Evil Eye and 1 out of Natural causes.

§ The Gemara returns to expounding the themes of blessings and the evil eye. The Torah states: “And the Lord will take away from you all sickness” (Deuteronomy 7:15). In interpreting this verse, Rav says: This verse is speaking about the evil eye. The Gemara comments: Rav conforms to his line of reasoning, as Rav went to a graveyard, and did what he did, i.e., he used an incantation to find out how those buried there died, and he said: Ninety-nine of these died by the evil eye, and only one died by entirely natural means.

This being the case – if a person – G-d forbid – becomes ill – in addition to the medical remedies he or she should take – it makes sense to also remove the evil eye from that person. In the beginning of the virus quarantine – someone I know was not feeling well. Their wife used an old Moroccan Jewish tradition (Tebhera) to rid oneself of the evil eye. That person eventually got better.

Tebhera is a mixture of certain spices that are placed in a pan and burned to make  incense. Done properly it cause the evil eye to depart. Moroccan Jews of old know how to remove the evil eye. I remember my cousin was once ill before his bar mitzvah. His Moroccan grandmother living with him took a belt – folded it in half. She did some kind of procedure with her hands on the belt and he felt better.

The Cure

Rabbi Ben Chetrit (in french) describes the whole process of the Evil Eye in a video (Le Mauvais Oeil)

One of the things he mentions is Yosef HaTzadik – Joseph the Son of Jacob – was guarded from the evil eye. How – because he was modest and separated from jealousy and materialism  he was guarded from the evil eye.

Below is an article translated in English from dafina.net about ways to protect oneself.

Ayin Hara: 10 tips against the evil eye

Ayin Hara: 10 tips against the evil eye

Should we be afraid of the evil eye? How does it work? Here are some explanations to protect yourself from this phenomenon.

  1. The evil eye has a concrete existence in Judaism. It must be understood that the Creator directs the world through two essential forces. The first is Rigor and the second is Mercy. Rigor requires the strict application of the law on every act of man: the reward for good deeds and the punishment for bad deeds. On the other hand, Mercy acts so that man is not immediately punished for his bad deeds. His actions are then “on hold”, hoping that he will do Téchouva. Our Sages teach us that there are several things that wake up Rigor. One of these things is what is called the evil eye. Rigor then takes over Mercy, and the bad deeds that were until now “pending” will be punished immediately. Anyway, the evil eye is not the reason for the punishment but it is indeed the faults committed.
  1. Rav Eliyahou Dessler explains in his book “Mikhtav Méliyahou” that a person who jealous of another person decreases the abundance of life and thus causes him damage and misfortunes.
  1. The Guémara orders us not to be jealous of our neighbor in order to avoid him from the evil eye. In addition, we must be careful not to arouse jealousy over us.
  1. The Guémara advises us on this subject “not to stand in front of our neighbor’s field when the field is in bloom” (Baba Batra 2b).Even the damage caused by our gaze is considered to be connected to the evil eye according to the Halachah. It is a damage caused by the look of someone on private land.
  1. In order to avoid the evil eye, we must adopt a discreet lifestyle, not boast about our financial successes, the education of our children or any other success. He writes on this subject: “The blessing lies in what is hidden from the eye” (Ta’anit 8b).
  2. To protect oneself from the evil eye, one must have a “good eye” on our neighbor: on one’s possessions, one’s children … When a person takes a beneficial look at his neighbor, he protects himself from the evil eye of others. It is written on this subject in Proverbs: “A good eye is blessed”.
  1. We must remember the words of our Sages of the fact that the more a person pays attention to the evil eye, the more he is exposed to the evil eye.
  1. Rav Moshe Feinstein tells us what is the best attitude towards this subject when asked if a young pregnant woman should fear the evil eye. He replied: “I see no reason for a naturally pregnant woman to be exposed to the evil eye. We must not pay attention to this. We must fear the evil eye only in things that are rare in the world”.
  1. In order to protect ourselves from the evil eye, the Guémara advises us to place our right thumb on the left thumb and to say: “I am from the descendants of Yossef who do not fear the evil eye”.
  1. When a person feels a bad eye on him, he can go to real Rabbanim, recognized and serious, who can remove the bad eye. Kabbala offers different ways to remove the evil eye, for example by lead, but this must be done only in serious cases and by recognized Rabbanim.Let us end with a prayer: “Let it be Your will, Hashem our Gd, that no jealousy has control over us and that our jealousy cannot have control over others … And that we are saved of the evil eye “.

We Survived the Virus – What Now?

Stuck in quarantine for 3 months gave us time to think. We were deprived of our normal lifestyle – no restaurants – no minyan – no outings with friends – no vacations.

G-d does things for a purpose. Obviously there is a message He was sending us. Did we get it? What did we learn?

One thing that out to strike us – is the importance of appreciation of life.

We learn in Pirkei Avot – the last section 6:11 –

All Created for Honor of Hash·m

11. Everything that the Holy One, Blessed be He, created in this world He only created for His honor, as it says: “Everything that is called in My Name & in my Honor, I created it, I formed it, Even I made it.” (Yeshaya 43:7) And it says: “The L·rd shall reign forever. (Shemot 16:18)

Rabbi H’anania ben A’kashia says: The Holy One, Blessed be He, wanted to give merit to Yisrael, therefore He increased for them Torah & Mitzvot, as it says: “The L·rd & desired – because of His righteousness – to increase Torah & make it mighty.” (Yeshaya / Isaiah 42:21)

Rashi there explains the word “Honor” with “His Praise”

Rashi clarifies a great point in life. By reading the Saying above – we may think that G-d is seeking Honor. Rashi explains that this Honor is praise. This means that everything in the world was created so that we can praise Hashem / G-d.

This is a great lesson. Many people live for pleasure. For them Pleasure is an ends. To Torah Observant Jews – pleasure is a means to an ends – to praise Hash-m.

I enjoy an ice cream – I say a blessing before to give thanks to my creator for creating ice cream. So in a simple act I not only enjoy myself – but by saying a food blessing on the ice cream and appreciating the ice cream – I can become closer to my Creator.

Thus every act I do now has a purpose. I live purposefully every second for every second there is something for which to be thankful.

I am a bit surprised that the Orthodox Synagogues are not full of new members. I would think that after the pandemic – people would be grateful for everything they took for granted. I am surprised that people don’t flood them and give thanks to the gracious G-d that allowed them to survive the virus and all the time they lived till today.

Are We Smarter than The Ancient Egyptians?

The Egyptians received 10 plagues for all the torture and pain that they caused the Jews. If they had said – you know G-d is probably rebuking us for our deeds against the Jews – they would have been spared by the plagues. To them Apparently the plagues was another problem to deal with. Once it was over they went back to being their former unchanged selves. The intelligent person learns from the message of G-d.

What message can we take from the pandemic?

3 Quick Ways to Protect Your Family from the Internet

With Kids at the House these days most of the day it is important to have home media protection. Having home schooling – on the phone, tablet and video conferences – with teachers at tutors – it is easier for kids to slip into using the technology for gaming and improper activities.

What is the prudent parent to do?

As in a previous article we mentioned – the 70 ways to prevent others from misusing technology. One way is to minimize exposure – Buy a flip phone instead of a smart phone.

But for the home working parent – the computer sometimes is an essential tool. So what to do?

Here are 3 quick Suggestions:

  1. Disable and/or Lock Apps

I suggest firstly to disable any apps or programs that you do not use. Apple computers and iphones are able to disable entire applications – like the web browser and other apps. Android phones are able to do the same thing but it might have required programs. Usually you disable a program by going to the settings and disabling particular apps. If you are not computer savvy – some responsible adults that are computer savvy may be able to help you.

In android and Apple systems you can disable appps by going into settings or Play store. You can also get an “app lock” program for your phones that requires a password to access certain apps.

2. Secondly is to have internet filters.

Internet Filters either block or monitor which internet sites are used. They can block time periods or administer how many hours are used.

There are 3 sorts of filters –

ISP Level – One from the internet service provider (isp) – the company that provides the service.

Router Level – One kind of filter that is placed upon the router.

Device Level – One filter that is on the device itself. Like Computers, Tablets and smart phones.

For the router or device one can implement opendns.com system. it is fairly simple to install. They have a Free version that one can easily install in minutes.

Other filters include – Norton Family Filter.

3. Control Who uses the internet

Certain Routers let you control who logs on. who will have access to the wifi, who to block and who to give access to.

You have to access your router by following your routers instrutcions on how to log on. For instance on a Fios system one uses – myfiosgateway.com. contact your ISP to find out how.

It is good to have redundant filters. Or more than one. If one does not work – the other might prevent access to unwanted sites and sights.

Turn off wifi – when not being used from your home internet router.  On your phone  disable Mobile hotspot and Put an app lock on “Settings” app and “playstore” app.