Jewish Resources

Jewish Resources
A compendium of Jewish Learning programs & Sites in Jerusalem and throughout the world.

Jerusalem Life – Jewish Life Guide

     The Jewish Information here is carefully selected from the best programs to help you experience and learn more about your heritage. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in Torah learning, you will likely find resources here to help you. It’s too bad going life not knowing how great your heritage really is. In Judaism, experiencing is the best way to learn.

Aish HaTorah

 The worldwide Jewish Learning organization whose HQ overlooks the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem.

Ohr Somayach

Tons of Great Jewish information from the famous Jerusalem Jewish Learning Institution. Be sure to check out their OhrNet Publication and their Ask questions

 The Jewish Education Network

 Concerned about what’s happening in public schools these days, this organization will give you ten advantages of putting your children in a Jewish School.

 Information en francais

Trouvez information sur des programmes juives pour s’eppanouir et retrouver la joi de vivre.

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