Jerusalem Organizations

 Jerusalem Organizations

These friendly organizations outreach to all those interested in discovering the beauty, depth and joy of Judaism. They all speak English. Contact them today.

Aish HaTorah
Aish HaTorah, founded in 1974, offers day and longer-term Jewish
learning programs for almost any person regardless of their background,
age or level of observance. They have programs, classrooms, and
dormitories throughout the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and other
areas of Jerusalem. Aish HaTorah’s centerpiece, their new World Center
and Beis Medrash, is located opposite the Western Wall. Aish HaTorah
operates programs in over 100 cities on five continents, with thousands
attending annually. They also offer programs in Russian in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Noah Weinberg,
Dean, Aish Hatorah, Rechov Shvut 1, Old City, Jerusalem 91141, Office:
02-628-5666, fax: (02)-538-5186, Fax: 627-3172, Buses: 1, 2, 38 E-mail:, Homepage:

Ohr Somayach
Ohr Somayach is a popular Jewish Learning Center that offers young
leadership programs, Jewish Self-sufficiency programs – to help one
acquire the fundamentals to be able to learn Torah on one’s own—and a
Yeshiva learning program for men. A person can drop-by there and learn
one-on-one with a friendly peer. They are the publishers of the famed
OHRNET publication that is available via the internet. They also have an
extensive Jewish library for men and women with English titles. They are
located at 22 Shimon Hatzadik Street, Maalot Daphna, POB 18103,
Jerusalem 91180, Israel. Tel: 02-581-0315 Fax: 972-2-581-2890 Bus: 22
E-mail: Homepage:

Heritage House
Heritage House Youth Hostels can help you experience the magic of
Jerusalem. Heritage house offers more than just a clean and safe place
to stay. Their friendly atmosphere gives you a chance to mingle with
other Jewish travelers from around the world. Located in the heart of
the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, they enable you to
experience the beauty of a Shabbat at the Western Wall. Their Shabbat
Hospitality program offers you the opportunity of joining a friendly
Jerusalem family for a tantalizing home-made culinary experience and
uplifting song. You may choose to explore your roots through their
interesting classes (optional) on ALL aspects of Jewish thought given by
some of the most fascinating speakers in the country. Contact them at
02-627-1916, 90 Chabad Street, Old City (office) 9am-4:45 pm. Men’s
Hostel, 2 Or HaChaim Street, Old City, tel: 02-627-2224; Women’s Hostel,
7 Hamalach Street, Old City, tel: 02-628-1820. Buses:
1,2,3,6,19,20,30,38. Fax: 02-628-8302, Email;,

Jeff Seidel’s Jewish Student
Information Centers

Jeff Seidel’s Center provides free Jewish information and programs. It
offers educational tours around the Old City and other parts of the
country, a Jewish university lecture series and Holiday programs. They
can also refer you to a Jewish program that’s right for you. Wherever
you find yourself, they can help you experience a Shabbat meal with a
nice Jewish family. Call them to reserve a place for you. Pick up their
“Jewish Travelers Resource Guide.” About 20,000 students and
travelers visit the Jewish Student Centers every year. For Jewish
contacts (for Shabbat Hospitality or Info) anywhere in the world, e-mail
them: or visit their web site.

· Jewish Student
Information Center, 5 Beit-El Street, Jewish Quarter, Old City,
Jerusalem, Phone: (02) 628-8338, 628-2634, Cellular Phone: (052)
867-795, Fax: 628-8338 Buses: 1, 2, 38

· Jewish Student
Information Center For Hebrew University, Bar Kochba 87/2, French Hill,
Jerusalem, Phone: 02-581-2240, Fax: 02-628-8338

 · Jewish Student
Information Center, for TeI-Aviv University, Rabbi Abraham Novick, 16/7
Beit Zuri St., Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Phone: 03-642-0264 e-mail:

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