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Below are many organizations that can
teach you about your heritage. For learning in Israel, please see the
“Jerusalem Learning” Section. For further information email us

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Learning more about Judaism


Aish HaTorah in Canada, 949 Clark
Avenue West, Thornhill, Ontario, LAJ 8G6, CANADA, Phone: 905/764-1818,
Fax: 905/764-1606, e-mail:

Ohr Somayach, 613 Clark Avenue West,
Thomhill, Ontario, Canada, L4J 5V3, Tel 905-886-5730, Fax. 905-886-6065,

Ohr Somayach, 446 Spadina Road, Forest
Hill, Toronto, Ont., Canada, Tel: 416-483-0883, Fax: 905-886-6065

Ohr Somayach of Montreal, 1819
Glendale, Montreal, PQ, H2V-1B4, Canada, Tel: 514-737-9195, Fax:
514-731-8348, E-mail:





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Learning Judaism


SEED, a Jewish learning program,
offers many interesting courses and lectures in England for Singles,
Adults, Men and Women. For further information on Jewish courses in the
London area contact Bobby Hill at 0181-381 1555. For Manchester or other
areas in England contact Rabbi Avraham Hassan at 0161-740 0906.

Dvar Yerushalayim enables relative
beginners, who are mature and sophisticated, to capture the beauty,
warmth and sincerity of the Jewish spirit. Programs are for men and
women, teaching – Hebrew comprehension, Chumash (Bible), Talmud, Jewish
law, philosophy and ethics. The women’s program covers family purity,
preparation for marriage, basic Judaism, and Jewish history. They also
offer class trips, Shabbatons (Shabbat weekends), melave malkas
(Saturday night banquets), y’mei limmud (learning days), guest speakers,
rambles to the countryside, and quiz evenings. Students experience
authentic Judaism, in an environment in which any question and/or
problem is discussed freely. Office: 24 Templers Avenue, London, N.W11.
Tel: +44 ( 0 ) 181-455 8631 e-mail:

Aish HaTorah UK offers excellent
Jewish learning programs. Contact them at 379 Hendon Way, Hendon
Central, London, NW4 3LP, England, Tel: +44 (0)181 457-4444, Fax: +44
(0)181 457-4445, E-mail:

To learn about the programs of Ohr
Somayach in England contact them at 152 Golders Green Rd., London NW11
8HE, Tel: 181-458-4588, Fax: 181-458-4587, Email:


Jewish Audio Tapes


Ohr Somayach, 152 Golders Green Rd.,
London NWl1 8HE, Tel: 181-458-4588 Fax: 181-458-4587, Email:





Learning Judaism


Aish HaTorah of South Africa, 32 Aida
Ave, P.O.B. 26, Cyrildene, 2198, Johannesburg, South Africa, Tel:
(27-11) 616-3312, Fax: (27-11) 622-7463, E-mail:

Ohr Somayach of South Africa, 17
Northfield Avenue, Glenhazel 2192, Johannesburg, SA, Tel: 11-887-1321
Fax: 11-887-7092, E-mail:



Jewish Audio Tapes


Ohr Somayach, 17 Northfield Average.
POB 646 High/ands And, 2037, Johannesburg, TeL 11-887-1321, Fax.
11-887-7092, Email:






Learning Judaism

I am basically happy about my life
now, but sometimes I wonder if I should learn more about my heritage.
Can you suggest any seminars to teach me about Judaism?


Gateways offers weekend Jewish
retreats in deluxe hotels throughout the US. Exciting lectures are held
on Jewish prophesy, Science and the Torah, Bible codes and more. Ask all
the questions you want – that’s what they are there for. The meals are
top quality and strictly kosher. The atmosphere is friendly, open, relaxed,
and comfortable.

Most Seminars are in English, but they also organize some in Hebrew.
Contact them at:

Gateways – 1-800-722-3191 or

Arachim holds similar seminars in English and in Hebrew – sometimes in
conjunction with Gateways. Arachim – 1-800-846-3701.



I want to learn about Judaism and how
to pray in Hebrew, who should I call?


Partners in Torah offers Jewish
learning with a “personal touch.” You select the subject you
wish to learn about – including Hebrew Reading, Jewish philosophy,
Holidays and Customs, Ethics, Mishna/Talmud, Bible/Weekly Torah Portion,
Jewish History, Code of Jewish Law, Prayer, Dating/Marriage, Parenting,
etc. They provide a hand-picked mentor to learn with one-on-one for one
hour a week. You can either learn at one of its locations or via its
TelePartners telephone learning program. The program is free of charge.
There is no commitment necessary and it is open to all Jewish adults,
regardless of religious background or prior Jewish education. Contact
them at 1-800-study-4-2 (1-800-788-3942), or 212-227-1000 ext. 36.

Ohr Somayach/JLE offers weekend
programs, evening lectures, workshops, Lunch & Learn programs,
week-long seminars, an Israel program for men, and an intensive learning
program in the US. To find out about programs in your area, call them
toll free at 1-800-431-2272 or contact them at Ohr Somayach
International, 38 East 29th St., 10th Floor, New York, NY 10016, Tel:
212-213-3100 / 800-431-2272, Fax: 212-213-8717, E-mail : They have institutions in
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, California, and Florida. They
conduct programs in other areas as well.

Aish HaTorah offers Beginning and
advanced Judaism programs in the US. Call them at 1-800-837-3710
(toll-free) to find out about programs in your area. Aish HaTorah has
branches in Boston, MA; Cleveland, OH; Detroit, MI, Lakewood, NJ; Los
Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; Brooklyn, NY; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA;
St. Louis, MO; Washington, D.C. For information about the Discovery
program described above in the US, contact Discovery USA, 805 Kings
Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223, Tel: 1-718-376-2775, Fax: 1-718-376-2702,

The National Jewish Outreach Program,
one of the largest Jewish outreach organizations in the world, offers
Basic Judaism programs. To find out more, call 1-800-44-TORAH
(1-800-448-6724/ toll-free). To learn to pray in Hebrew, call them at
1-800-44-HEBREW (1-800-444-3273/ toll-free).

Agudath Israel can also refer you to
learning programs and other Jewish programs that can suit you in your
area (1-212-797-9000).

The popular Shofar Organization offers
Jewish learning programs for Israelis in the US. Contact them at
1-718-62-shofar (1-718-627-4632). Pob 230706, Brooklyn, NY 11223, email: (US) (Israel),


Shabbat Hospitality


I would like to experience the
beauty of a Shabbat with a nice family. Who can help me?


An organization that can help you is
the National Jewish Outreach Program. They offer a program called
“Turn Friday Night Into Shabbat” and can refer you to a
welcoming family in your are. NJOP, 485 Fifth Avenue, Suite 701 New
York, NY 10017, 1-800-44-HEBREW (1-800-444-3273) or 1-212-986-7450 or
1-888-SHA-BBAT (1-888-742-2228/ toll-free)


Wonderful Children


My trip to Israel has awakened in me a
realization of the importance of giving my children a solid Jewish
education. I would like to enroll them in a Jewish school. Where can I
turn for help?


The Jewish Education Program of
Agudath Yisrael can refer you to a solid Jewish School program in your
area. Regardless of your child’s age, they can help your child to be
accepted and can help organize financing possibilities. I would suggest
you contact them in the US at 1-718-941-2600. Ask to speak with Rabbi
Motty Katz, Educational Director. Another organization, the Jewish
Education Network, offers similar school reference services for the US
and abroad. Contact them by e-mail at


Looking for Jewish Audio Tapes


Contact Ohr Somayach, 38 East 29th
Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10016, 212-213-3100. Fax. 212-213-8717,

Other Countries:


Learning Judaism



Aish HaTorah of Australia, 3/61 Hotham
Street East, St. Kilda, 3183, Victoria, Australia E-mail:,
Tel: (613) 9525-9456, Fax: (613) 9527-4769



Aish HaTorah of Chile, Luis Thayer
Ojeda 805, Apt. 51, Providencia, Santiago, Chile, Tel: (562) 232-7220,
Fax: (562) 334-3951, E-mail:





Aish HaTorah of Moscow, 8 Pokgrovsky
Boulevard, Bldg 2, Apt.22, Moscow, Russia, E-mail:, Tel:
(7-095) 917-9592, Fax: (7-095) 917-9592

Aish HaTorah of St. Petersburg
(Russia), 17/93 Bolotnaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia, E-mail:, Tel:(7-812) 552-0414, Fax: (7-812) 552-0414



Aish HaTorah of Kiev (Ukraine), 19/10
Pushnikinskaya Street, Kiev, Ukraine, E-mail:, Tel:
(380-44) 224-6860, Fax: (380-44) 224-6860

Ohr Somayach of Odessa, 50 Pastera
Street Apt. 7, Odessa, Ukraine, Tel: 0482-235101



Aish HaTorah of Minsk (Belarus), 23
Grekova, Minsk, Belarus, E-mail:, Tel: (375-172)
885-521/71/91, Fax: (375-172) 460-256



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