Ohr Binyamin Offers a variety of Jewish life-cycle services.

Brit/Bris Mila Mohel Referral – We recommend competent Mohel for circumcision according to Jewish Law.

Bar Mitzvah Lessons Referral – fo those that teach a child to be ready for Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Jewish Law Questions Referral – If one has Halacha / Jewish Law questions – regarding any subject – from daily Jewish life, medical Jewish law questions, living wills, etc. We can answer or can refer you to a competent authority that can.

Jewish Life Advice – at times a person needs a hearing ear and an open heart to discuss life matters. Want the Jewish perspective before making an important decision, contact us.

Jewish Counseling Referrals – If you or someone you love needs psychological or social services, we can refer you to the proper Jewish individuals or organizations.

– Jewish Marriage – Courses, Referrals & Matchmaking – If you or someone you love wants to get Married, we can refer you to the proper Jewish individuals or organizations. We offer a Free Questionnaire, Possibility to Upload a Resume and may provide a suitable match for those filling out questionnaire and or uploading Shidduch / Matchmaking Resume.

Torah Courses – want to organize a Torah course or Torah lecture in your house or in a friend’s, contact us. We can offer courses in any Jewish subject – or refer you to someone who can teach a lecture on the subject.

Financial Advice for Jewish Charity – FREE service for anyone making a charitable doantion to get the most from one’s charity dollar. I one wishes to offer make a charitable bequest – we can offer the best Jewish charities to leave one’s hard earned money.

Memorial Kaddish Recital – If one has a departed loved one that one wishes to say the memorial Kaddish for – we can arrange someone to say Kaddish at least 3 times a day for the elevation of their soul.

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