High Holidays Registration Form 5782


MJO Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue
112-21 72nd Ave
Forest Hills, NY 11375


High Holiday Services 5783 / ימים נוראים תשפ”ג

Dear Friend,
We hope you & family are well. Please join us for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur & Sukkot services to start your year with positivity.
Please return completed forms for Seats, Membership, Kapparot & prayers in favor of loved ones or in their memory ASAP. Your participation in Torah programs like ours are foundations to building yourself into a greater person, to building a family dedicated to Judaism, having a great New year & to building a vibrant community.

Our congregation has extended our boundaries. Participate in our programs in new ways. Educate yourself in Judaism without attending our physical premises. Grow with our mailings – through learning Torah works like the Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers, included, teaching us how to better ourselves. Study Pirkei Avot with a spouse, sibling, child or parent or with us. We teamed up with Ohr Binyamin (jerusalemlife.com) to send you free Blessing cards & Judaica. Learn with us via Phone, Skype, or Zoom. Call or text us to set up a free Torah learning session with the rabbi or for him to give a lecture at your home, for Torah-Based advice or any kind of help.
Barukh Hash•m, we enjoyed a great year. We were re-united with friends and family. We started new Torah learning programs for Bar Mitzvah Boys, Children, Men and Women. Young men from Emet – learn Torah and pray daily in our synagogue.
Hash•m is Good – we overcame challenges of the pandemic. We will say Shehechiyanu Blessing – to thank Hash•m for life – with sincerity and feeling. We pray, with G•d’s help, that difficult times are behind us & brighter times are ahead.
Call out to Hash-m when He is found readilyin the High Holidays. Hash•m helps us correct our mistakes & renew our attitude to live a life of meaning, peace, love & inner satisfaction. Prayer improves our outlook & ourselves, helps us receive answers & become closer to Gd. Repentance – a conscious decision to follow Torah laws – helps uplift our spirits, gain strength to overcome life’s challenges & lay foundations for a sweet New Year. Make peace, forgive others & ask forgiveness & start the Year with a clean slate.
Please enter our contact info into your phone list – MJO/Shaar phone is 718.263.8102 & Rav Matatia Chetrit’s Phone is 718.962.4872. Both receive texts. We’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to call for any kind of help. We can’t stress enough the importance of placing children in a Torah Day school. Call us for $1,000 Scholarships or any help to place your child in a Torah Day School. We look forward to see you. May Hashm grant us & all Israel peace & harmony, happiness, prosperity & good health. May we all be inscribed in the book of life! Amen.

You can Call in the information to reserve or text or email. Please Call us at 718-263-8102 or Email us at mjoshaar@gmail.com to make reservations. Seats still Available.

Shana Tova. All the Best.
Matatia Chetrit, Spiritual Leader & The MJO Committee
Tizku Leshanim Rabbot Neimot veTovot. May You Merit to Live Many Pleasant & Good Years


    MJO Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue
    112-21 72nd Ave
    Forest Hills, NY 11375

    High Holiday
    Registration Form - 5782 / 2021-2022

    MEMBERSHIP, SEAT RESERVATION & Kapparot for Year 5782 / 2021-2022
    / חברות לבית הכנסת שער השמים – שנה תשפ"א

    *Please Include Phone Numbers & Check-mark to Be on MJO/Shaar Whatsapp List
    Family Members


    * Includes two tickets for High Holidays. Paying Membership Dues entitles you to reduced seat prices of $ 75.00 / Non-members pay $125.00 per seat. First Year Membership is Free.


    SEAT RESERVATIONS High Holidays 5782 / 2021-2022 / הזמנה לכסאות ימים נוראים תשפ"ב
    (Specify Indoor/ Outdoor / Either)

    MEN's SEATS / MEN • גברים
    Number of Seats
    MEMBER $75.00 Per Seat /חבר בארגוןNON-MEMBER - $125.00 Per Seat / רגיל

    WOMEN's SEATS / נשים
    Number of Seats
    MEMBER $75.00 Per Seat /חבר בארגוןNON-MEMBER - $125.00 per Seat / רגיל

    Number of Seats
    MEMBER $36.00 per Seat /חבר בארגוןNON-MEMBER - $52.00 per Seat / רגיל


    Kapparot Ritual / Atonement Prayer
    To remove unfavorable decrees from a person before Yom Kippur we do the Kapparot Ritual. It is an atonement prayer done with either a chicken or money. We use money. It is found in most Yom Kippur Machzors / Prayer books – if you wish to do it yourself. If you want us to do Kapparot for your entire family as a whole – please check below. If you want us to do kapparot for each individual please check off each individual above. We will contact you before Yom Kippur to do it over the phone. (It takes about 2 minutes)
    FAMILY -$52.00INDIVIDUAL - $20.00 / per personTotal

    Kindly Offer before the Holy Ark during Memorial Services (Hashkavot - prayer for the departed)


    in my name in memory of the following:

    (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY – Please use Hebrew Name of Person & Hebrew Name of their father or mother. To have Name included in MJO Calendar: Please write Hebrew Yartzeit Date)

    MEN • גברים (Yartzeit Date)

    WOMEN • נשים (Yartzeit Date)


    SPECIAL PRAYERS • תפילות
    Please Pray at the Opening of the Holy Ark or during the Torah Reading for:

    Please PRINT CLEARLY - if possible use Hebrew Name of Person & Name of Mother

    MEN • גברים

    WOMEN • נשים

    The Following are Examples of Prayers to Be Offered:

    Prayer - תפילה

    Prayer - תפילה
    Good Health - בריאות
    Complete Healing - רפואה שלמה
    Prosperity - הצלחה
    Long Life - אריכות ימים
    Righteous Children - בנים צדיקים
    Find a Soul Mate - שידוך בשרת
    Success in Torah - הצלחה בלימוד
    Repentance - תשובה
    Happiness - שמחת החיים
    Birthing Children - זרע של קיימא


    Dedicator - $1,000,000Endowment Master - $750,000Grand Master Benefactor - $500,000Master Benefactor - $250,000Grand Master Builder - $200,000Master Builder - $100,000Master Patron - $50,000Patron - $25,000Master Fellow - $18,000Fellow - $10,000Guardian - $5,000Partner- $3,600Builder - $2,500Chai Sponsor - $1,800Benefactor -$1,000Pillar - $750Sponsor - $500Supporter - $360Donor - $250Friend - $180Other


    Additional Information Request
    We understand many people are busy. We will, bl”n, contact you if you fill out this form. Please Contact Us For any reason.
    I Would Like :

    To Ask a Question on JudaismEnroll My Child in a Torah Day School & Learn About Free ScholarshipsTo Learn Torah by Phone, Skype or Zoom or in an After-School Program or For Bar/Bat MitzvaTo Find a Place For Shabbat MealsTo Find a Nice Jewish MateTo VolunteerTo Receive a Free Candle Lighting KitMake Planned Donations to the SynagogueSomeone to Call Me about personal Concerns


    Please make all checks payable to SHAAR HASHAMAYIM SYNAGOGUE
    Send forms & checks in return envelope. Call us to use Credit Card. For Paypal Donations Send to jenet@iname.com.
    Let us know if you want a FREE “Little Siddur” or other FREE Judaica. All Contributions Are Tax Deductible.
    For Special Rates for Students, Senior Citizens, Large-Families or Other Reasons please contact office.



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