The Best of Jewish Websites to Enrich Your Life in Judaism.

Contemporary Torah Subjects
Aish Hatorah – Your Life. Your Judaism
Hidabroot – Torah TV – Hebrew
CHAZAQ – Torah & learning programs
Being Jewish – Practicing Judaism Explained
Heritage House Archives – Articles on Judaism by Noted Authors

Educational Materials / Jewish Texts
Hebrew Books – Torah Texts in PDF
Chinuch – Jewish Educational Materials & Free Jewish Clipart
Hovot HaLevavot – Shaar HaBitachon – Gate of Bitachon – Faith in G-d by Rabbeinu Bacheya in Hovot HaLevavot – Duties of the Hear – translated in English

Prayer Texts in English, Hebrew and Russian / Torah Texts / Тора уроки по-русски

Classic Jewish Texts – Daf HaYomi Info and more
Encyclopedia Talmudica Online – Hebrew

Jewish Student and Tourism Information
Jeff Seidel – Jewish Student Information Center
Jerusalem Life – Jerusalem Information & Links

Torah Learning
Jewish Eternity – Jewish Outlook
Jewish Resource Card – Jewish Links
Ohr Somayach – Yeshiva Programs for You
Orthodox Union – Synagogues
Partners in Torah – Sets you up w/ Torah learning partner – Arrange Shabbat meals for yourself with families
Parasha / Weekly Torah Reading Sheets – Want a nice divrei Torah for shabbat? Here is a place where you can download a plethora of Divrei Torah Sheets on weekly parasha

Jewish Books
Feldheim – An Excellent Selection of Books on a wide variety of subjects
Artscroll – A Beautiful Selection of Books, Sefarim, Chumash from a reliable publisher.

Jewish Audio &/or Video
Learn Torah – Jewish Audio & R. Elie Mansour
Simple to Remember – Torah Audio and Video
Torah Anytime – Torah Audio and Video
The Jewish Education Network – Jewish Education for All

Torah Learning brings True Freedom
(Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers 6:2) Rabbi Yehoshua son of Levi said ”Every single day a heavenly voice comes out from Mount Horeb [Sinai], and says “woe to the creatures [of the world], from the insult to the Torah” [that they disregard learning it], for whoever does not occupy himself with Torah is called “reproached” [nazuf] as it says “A ring [nezem] of gold in the nose of a swine” is a beautiful woman that turned away from reason” and it says “And the tablets [of the Law – the ten commandments] they are the work of G-d – And the writing is the writing of G-d – inscribed [charut] on the tablets ” Do not read [it as] “charut” [inscribed] rather as “cherut” [freedom]. For the only one who is considered to be a free man is one who occupies himself with Learning Torah . And who ever occupies himself with learning Torah Behold he is elevated as it says “And from Matanah [name of place meaning – a gift – ie, of the Torah] to nachliel [name of place meaning – My inheritance is in G-d] and nachliel to bamot [name of place meaning – high altars].” (Bamidbar 21:19)

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