Dedication Opportunities

Berakha Card $1
You can change a person’s life by giving them a mini Siddur / Prayer Book – so that an individual can say the Shema, the morning prayers or the Kiddush, and understand it. Our laminated business sized Berakha card. The Basic Berakha Card explains what Blessing to make on which food. We have other kinds as well – Transliterated in Hebrew, Spanish, French, for Good Health, and more. Like – the Good Health / Asher Yatzar Card, 6 Constant Mitzvot Card, Shema or Aleph Bet Card
Levels of Donation:
$1.00 – 1 Berakha Card to Be Distributed
$5.00 – 5 Berakha Cards to Be Distributed
$10.00 – 10 Berakha Cards to Be Distributed
$26.00 – 26 Berakha Cards to Be Distributed
$100.00 – 100 Berakha Cards to Be Distributed
Or any other amount you desire

Pirkei Avot $18
Provide life by giving a book on Torah that will be distributed to a fellow Jew.

Shabbat Care Package $26
Shabbat Care Package Distributed to a fellow Jew.

Shabbat Guide / Seven Noahide Laws – $36

Torah Lesson $52
Torah Lesson Provided for one individual.

Glass Candle Holders (5 pairs) $100

Distribution Sortie (Day) $200
Mezouza $500
Distribution Sortie (Week) $1,000
Snack Packages / Refreshments $1,800

Publishing – Ahavat Yisrael / Love Fellow $3,600

Publishing – — $6,000
Select a Work from our list to Be published and distributed in Synagogues and we will take care of the rest. It is a great merit for a person or great way of remembering a loved one. Titles Available – Pirkei Avot – Ethics of the Fathers, Ahavat Yisrael – love of fellow Jew, Essential Guide for Women

After School Learning Program in Shul — $10,000
Have the merit of having Jewish Children learning Aleph Bet, Judaism, Torah, Doing Prayers for your donation.

Jewish Hebrew Sunday School Program – $18,000
Imagine childern learning Hash-m’s precious aleph bet and Torah all together. The children are happy. They receive refreshments and sing and learn to appreciate Judaism once a week.

Jewish Library — $26,000
The Offering of Jewish library book access to the reading public.

Mobile Classroom $36,000
A classroom in our on-wheals learning center dedication.

Current On Wheels Learning Vehicle $50,000
An on-wheels learning center that helps us in outreach to provide free judaica and a Torah education to people of all backgrounds.

New Classroom Dedication $99,995

Have You Always been dreaming to leave your mark in this world and make it a better place? Here is an opportunity to provide Jewish children with a Torah education.

New Torah Mobile Learning Vehicle $200,000 OR Program of Your Choice Developed with Our Staff
Please Call Us

New Building Dedication $500,000
Please Call Us

Creation of New Yeshiva in Your Name $1,000,000
Please Call Us

Lighting Up Lives with Torah

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General Donation
Please Press Here to Donate to Support Jewish Education – You Specify the Amount

Assist Your Fellow to Gain Greater Satisfaction from Life through Judaism Today with Your Support. They are Counting on You.

Ohr Binyamin is a 501(c)-3 non-profit corporation. Donations are Tax Deductible according to the IRS. We admit students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin

Other Ways to Give:

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Put us on your selected charity on Amazon Smile <b><a href=”″ target=”_blank”>- click Here. </a></b>Amazon smile allows you to choose a charity to give a donation based upon a percentage of your purchases. Every time you buy you can do a Mitzvah – <b><a href=”″ target=”_blank”>by automatically giving to Ohr Binyamin.</a></b>


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