How to Starve a Cold – advice from the sages

I used to never get colds. Those were the days. I mean the days that I drank orange juice daily for breakfast. I still drink it, but not as regularly.

Just recently I got one.

I think I have to get back into the orange juice habit.

So a first step to prevent a cold is to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin c. Also eat bread daily for breakfast. A good breakfast with at least one ounce of whole wheat bread eaten within 7 minutes within the course of the meal will protect you from heat or cold.

But let’s say someone already had a cold. What now?

There are things to avoid – poultry, fat meat, dairy, eggs and nuts. I tried it. It calms the symptoms of a cold. This is what it says in talmud. / Berakhot 57b

Guess it’s also good to stay warm.

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