Will One See Their Past Relatives Again?

Our life in this world is not our complete life. We lived before and we will live after. Where were we before we were born? In a spiritual world. The Ariz”l – Rabbi Yithak Luria – says that most people nowadays are reincarnated souls.

A person’s soul may have been in another body in the past. I know a psychologist that is versed in hypnosis. He told me stories of people he hypnotized – that he brought back to a past life. The soul remembers. The body may not.

Knowing that fact – what do we do now? The Torah says – now we came here to repair past misdeeds or to accomplish a particular purpose. We can find our purpose by learning Torah from a competent Orthodox Rabbi. (see torahanytime.com)

Those – who did achieve their purpose go on to another heavenly world. When a person in this world has a marriage – the souls of family members from the next world come to attend.

The souls of relatives also come to greet a person on the day they depart from the world. Thus the French term – Au Revoir (See You Again) is more applicable to say to a departed soul than a final goodbye.


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