Stuck in the Mud – Call Out “Father”

A day camp camping trip in Brooklyn. The boys spent a great day at a park. To their dismay – one of the campers was missing. Volunteers searched the area. In the dark of night – one volunteer heard a sweet, small voice of a boy about 5 years old calling “Totti! Totti!” (Totti means father in Yiddish)

He called for backup help. He found the boy, stuck in the mud, meters away from the ocean.

Baruck Hash-m / Thank G-d the boy was saved. It is possible being stuck in the mud helped him from a worse fate – being swept into the water.

We are sometimes stuck. Stuck in a dead end position or relationship. Some are stuck in the mud – the impurity of the world – like porn, improper relations, etc. They don’t know how to get out. The solution? Call out to Totti – Your Father in Heaven – Hash-m.

As it says in Tehillim / Psalms 121:5: Hash-m is your guardian – He is Your shadow of your right hand.

Why the Right hand? The right hand represents mercy. Have mercy on others & Hash-m will have mercy upon you. Even just calling out to Him – He will help.

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