Three Things to Do for a More Settled Mindset – Advice from the Yanuka

When a Jew is in the womb of his mother – an angel is present teaching him the entire Torah. Before the baby exits – the angel strikes the person below the nose – creating an indentation and causing the baby to forget. Once the angel did not hit a certain child. The child was able to tell secrets of the the Torah. The parents brought the child to a great rabbi – He put the child in a dark room. In the morning the child forgot what he learned. They Called the child the Yanuka.

Today a great young rabbi in Israel – Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda – through his effort and toil in Torah – received an appellation of “the Yanuka” / הגאון הינוקא – due to his great Torah knowledge.

Asked about how one can have a more settled mindset – he replied:

One is to pray to Hash-m for a more settled mindset.

The second he said to read daily the Third chapter of Habakkuk.

The Third is that his or her mind should settled in terms of their “world to come.” When a person is settled about their “world to come” – doing the right in the eyes of man & G-d – it will help them to have a more settled mindset.


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