The Gift is in What You Make, Not What You Take

A person wants a legacy. Here is my “Legacy Quote”

“The Gift is in What You Make, Not What You Take”

Why are people still in search of happiness? Apparently – many think when they Have a particular thing – they will be happy. I will be happy when I win Lotto, when I have a new car, When I have a new house, when I get married.

Choose Happiness

But Torah says – you choose your happiness. You choose to be happy. You make your happiness. Meaning Happiness is in our own control – not a certain state based upon our situation.

When we do good – we feel good.

Why – because we have an elevated soul. The soul has little interest in food or material pleasures in themselves. It is interested in the benefit derived from using the material to do good. Thus – two people can do the same act – one will become happy and the other not. One by using their new car to drive their parents home will have the satisfaction of doing a Mitzvah or good deed. The one who uses their car to commit a bank hoist – will not elevate their soul. He will probably sadden it and will experience sadness.

Make the Situation

You choose what you want to do with your time. You can be productive & build the world or not.

Make Yourself

You choose to get angry or not. You choose to smile or not. You choose to become a better person.

Make Good Deeds

You can make the world a better place. You can choose to save lives, to protect lives, to help others – according to Torah – or not.

Bout with Sadness

I had a bout with sadness when I was young. I tried to get over it by glossing over it. By occupying myself with the media and the like. Although I was distracted – I remained with the sadness. I was doing activities that did not elevate my soul. I thus remained in my sad state – even though I was doing the activities that people do to be happy.

The reason that I didn’t get out of it readily – I believe – was that I was involved in some activities that gladden the soul and others that sadden it. Slowly, I got involved in activities congruent with Torah, I purified myself and little by little the sadness went away.

The Proof of Happiness being Congruent with Doing Good

Why do people like a happy ending. The Good person wins over the wicked. Good triumphs over evil. Like I said – innate in us is a soul that wants good, wants to do good, wants people to do good, and is inspired by people who do good.

Get involved in activities that are congruent with Torah values & one who’s soul suffers will eventually rejoice.

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