Books to Enhance Holocaust Understanding – Before & After Visiting Holocaust Museums

I visited various Holocaust Museums. Each one has it’s own way of presenting the tremendous evil of the Nazi’s genocide of the Jews. In essence it is positive to have these museums. There is a positive commandment to remember what Amalek did to us. Amalek is the nation that wants to destroy the Jewish nation – as we have seen in the Holocaust.

Each Holocaust museum has a different take. One focuses on giving a person to experience the feeling of that period. Another focuses on serving as a memorial. Another focuses on reminding people of the events. The question each museum probably asked was “What do we want people to come out with by visiting the museum?” Each one answered in their own way based upon their outlook.

The Torah has a different outlook – it’s not just to remember – but to learn from the messages. One message – is to understand the Hand of G-d in History. One book that talks on that message is called the Hidden Hand in the Holocaust. It talks of How Hash-m guides History on a Macro and Personal Level. It intertwines events to help us understand the purpose of Historical events. The Author – Yakov Astor also has another book of the same Name – giving an understanding of more current events in the perspective of the Torah.

Another message is what is the Torah outlook on events before during and after the Holocaust. The Jewish publisher has a wide selection of Books on the Holocaust that give the perspective, stories and positives message of the Holocaust from Torah Hashkafa / Outlook. Feldheim also has books on the subject.

A recent book that came out on the Holocaust by “Sara Yoheved Rigler’s called I’ve Been Here Before. It talks of people who have had visions, deja vu, dreams of living the holocaust. These people – are said to possibly be reincarnations of people from the holocaust.

Making effort to understand the ways of G-d / Hash-m are a way to become closer to him. Reading these books will help you understand the Torah perspective.


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