G-d Said? Do it Because of Gratitude.

You lost lotto. The Jackpot. $500 Million. Ok – maybe next time.

But you find out your friend won. He says “I Love you – my friend. Take my winning ticket.”

Is He For Real?

You don’t believe it. You think “it is a joke. Either the numbers are wrong. The ticket is fake. it’s an old ticket”

You check the date. Seems Right. You look at ticket. It has the markings of a real ticket. You check the numbers. Numbers are correct. You bring it in to the Lottery office. “Congratulations. You won the jackpot!” After asking for some papers – they make you fill out some forms asking whether you want to be paid one lump sum after taxes or every year a certain amount.

You don’t believe it. When you receive the first check for tens of millions of dollars, you faint. You pinch yourself. You wake up. You still have the check in your hand. You go to the bank and deposit it. The manager calls you and starts treating you with much respect. He asks you to start a Private Banking account. You check the account and the money is there.

A Small Favor

Now your friend – who gave you the ticket – asks you “can you take a drive with me once a week in the new Rolls Royce you bought with the money you won?” What do you answer?

Doing it For Gratitude

Anyone with a bit of gratitude will say “surely.”

G-d / Hash-m gave us life, children, money, parents, friends, food – worth much than half-a- billion dollars. He asks a small thing to Jews “Observe the Shabbat. Keep Kosher. Observe Family purity.” Put aside the obligation thing. Out of pure gratitude – we should be motivated to listen. He asks a small thing to non-Jews “Observe the 7 Noahide laws from the Torah.” Put aside the obligation thing. Out of pure gratitude – we should be motivated to listen.

How grateful are we really?


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