The Connection to Spirituality – You are Never Alone

Electricity gives a house power. Spirituality gives a person power.

In a home nearby – they are connecting an electric line. An electric line connects to the power station. Spirituality connects a person to the source of Life – Hash-m / G-d.

Through being connected to Hash-m through thought, speech and acts – we gain life power. We gain hope. We gain Happiness.

A person is composed of body & soul. Feed the body with food & drink. Feed the soul with Torah & Mitzvot. They give the soul power. When the soul is satisfied – you live on another plane.

You don’t sweat he small things. You are connected to the source of life – Hash-m. You live on another plane – because you change a two dimensional existence – living for you & others – to a three dimensional plane – living for G-d.

Being connected you are never alone. G-d is always watching for your best interest. You always have One to talk to – even alone.

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