Did Anyone See My Wallet?

6495885925_4f3389fb7e_zI rarely carry cash in my wallet.

I figure whatever I want to buy I can use a debit card.

Recently I misplaced my wallet.

I had to take cash for gas.

During the day, a person asked me for money for Tzedaka / charity.

I gave them a small donation.

Having the cash instead of the card enabled me to do a Mitzvah – to give charity to a needy person.

When I misplaced my wallet, I could have been upset that I didn’t find it.

In the back of my mind, I knew that not finding it was for the good.

Everything that G-d does is for the good. Even things we feel might be inconsequential, happen for the good.

G-d is good and does good.

Small annoyances may occur for a greater good.

Small disturbances need not bother us.

Just have to keep in mind “All that the Merciful One does, He does for the good.”

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