More Prayers & Segulas for Hanuka

Segulot for Zot Chanukah by Rav Raphael Avitan

This was sent out this morning, we only had the chance to translate it now. There’s a video that was sent out as well, that we’re working on the translation as well.

Baruch Hashem we have reached one of the greatest and most auspicious days of the year, where we can be blessed with our salvation and good tidings which is the holy day of Zot Chanukah- “This is Hanukkah” which will take place tonight Thursday to tomorrow night before Shabbat. To take advantage of this very important day, I am writing out some segulot that will help each and every one of you with Hashems help receive an abundance of salvation physically and spiritually:

  1. The first thing you need to do, is to be kind and pass on and share this message on Facebook and WhatsApp to as many men and women as possible, in order to increase your merits, especially on such a big day.
  2. Tonight after the lighting of the eighth and last candle of Chanukah, one should try to disconnect from the phone TV computer etc. and concentrate on the great light emanating from the holy menorah and draw from it all the holiness and tremendous energy that is within it.
  3. After reciting the tehillim you said every day by the menorah (last verse in chapter 90 going right into chapter 91- 7 times, followed by chapter 30, 19, 67- preferably in the shape of a menorah, 121, 100, 33, and 150 followed by Ana BKoach) it is very important for both men and women to say the general correction known as the Tikkun Haklali revealed by Rabbi Nachman of Breslav and say orally that you are aiming to be cleansed of all the negative shells and energies.
    (The Tikkun Haklali consists of the following ten chapters of Tehillim 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137 and 150)
  4. It is very important to say the chapter 119 of Tehillim. Not all of it, just the 8 verses that correspond to the letters of your name and your mother’s name.
    Example דוד בן שרה David ben Sara… you’d start with verse number 25 through 32 each of those verses begins with the letter ד. Then find the 8 verses that begin with ו
    those verses begin from 41-48 etc. Once you’ve said all the verses pertaining to your name(s) and the verses that pertain to your mother’s name(s) then say the verses that begin with א.מ.ו. נ.ה and the letters מ.ז.ל.
  5. It is important to say the prayer of Nishmat Kol Chai, followed by Yishtabach very important not to say the blessing at the end of Yishtabach (you can find Nishmat Kol Chai in your siddur in the Shabbat morning prayers or Google Nishmat Kol Chai Ashkenazi or Sefadic Nusach) on this holy evening.
  6. You must know that your whole next year depends on these prayers, so invest your time in prayers tonight reciting as much Tehillim/ Psalms as possible. And in particular thank our Father in heaven for all you have, and ask Him for everything you are missing. As much as you ask even if you repeat the same words it brings great salvations.
  7. Since this day is an important day of the year equivalent to Yom Kippur, as the Kabbalists wrote. It is therefore very important that each one takes upon themselves a mitzvah that is a bit hard for them, that they want to work on more. Saying bli neder (without a vow) “I take on the mitzvah of __ to work on it more”, this “vow” is between you and the Creator. This is a great way to create a vessel to hold abundance and blessing.
  8. A great segula for single men and women, say tomorrow, either Friday morning or afternoon, the seventh chapter in sefer Bamidbar and then ask Hashem in your own words that by next Chanukah you’ll establish a bayit ne’eman b’ Yisrael – a faithful home in Israel.
  9. Take one area that is most difficult to you in life. For example, finding a spouse, livelihood, health, peace, home, etc. And pray for it for 15 minutes straight while all the candles are lit, even if you repeat the same words and requests over and over again the main thing is to have a quarter of an hour straight on one thing, not including the other things you have already prayed for.

I wish everyone a happy Chanukah full of salvation and a good signing for a good and sweet year.

From me, Rabbi Raphael Avitan.”

Please excuse any typos and or grammatical errors.

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