5 Jewish Spiritual Remedies to the Corona Plague

G-d Gave the Jews the Torah. All is in it. (Pirkei Avot 5:22)

Louis Pasteur found the cure to rabies and the basis for immunization in the Talmud.

The Torah provides us with physical immunizations and cures and spiritual protection – through prayer and segulas. Some involve both.

Here are some spiritual protections that offer help:

To find out spiritual cures – one must  first ask: “Why is G-d sending this virus?”

Just as a father reprimands a son or daughter to correct their behavior – so does Hash-m. His guide is the Torah.

Thus, We can offer a general solutions

  1. – Torah Observance.

If a person is Jewish – so we start by following the Shulchan Aruch.

If a Person is a Gentile – they start by observing the 7 Noahide laws from the Torah for all people.

2. Avoid Lashon Harah – Speaking badly of others. Add to that a dose of learning the Halachot of Lashon HaRa with family daily.

It is interesting that the One Who spoke Lashon HaRa frequently was subject to the ailment of Tzaraat. The Metzora had to stay in quarantine for a period of time until his ailments healed. He or She had to introspect about their speech having caused others to be isolated – now they are isolated.

3. Rabbi Haim Kanievski Wrote a letter saying – to be saved from virus – We should avoid lashon hara and be more mevater / yielding towards others.


4. Studying Torah protects the learner. Shluchei Mitzvot Einam Nizukim. Agents to do a Mitzvot are not harmed. Thus we give the traveler money to distribute to poor people when the person arrives at their destination. Since they are involved in bringing money for a poor person the are involved in a Mitzvah and thus protected.

Studying the Torah has an added benefit. The learner is not only protected when he or she learns – but even after the Torah study – the person is protected.

5. Recite Tehillim. – In times of Difficulties we recite Tehillim. Each Tehillim addresses a particular concern. Saying them in General is also good.

The Tehillim / Psalm against plagues is 91.

The Gemara in Maseches Shevuos, 15b, refers to Tehillim 91 as “Shir shel paga’im” or “Shir shel nega’im” – a special tefilla for protection from such plagues. This is a tefilla especially fitting for today.

Do this and take your precautions and pray and Hash-m will guard you. Amen.

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