Become a Better Communicator – 8 Steps to More Effective Communication from the Torah

In Parasha / the weekly Torah reading of Yitro – we learn points of effective communication.

Yitro – Moshe’s Father-in-Law & Former Priest of Idolotry turned convert to Torah Judaism – Comes to Moshe in the Desert after the splitting of the Sea of Reeds – with his daughter, Tzipporah & Grandchildren Gershom & Eliezer – Moshe’s Wife & Children. Moshe welcomes him and has a meal in his honor. The Next day He sees Moshe Judging the people. He is sitting everyone is standing. He asks him – what is he doing. Moshe responds – he is judging the people. Yitro Asks – Why are you doing it this way? If you continue you will wear yourself out. Why Not appoint trustworthy people as judges. You will become less worn out. Please ask Hash-m / G-d if this is a good solution.

The idea of communications is to help the other person make the best decision. Your goal is for the other’s best interest. You are a helper to help him or her find it.

If they make the decision – it is more likely that they will abide by it.

He are the 8 Steps:

  1. Empathy – Establish a time that all are calm and on good terms. Speak with a kind, helping voice.
  2. Question – the act that you want to change in the other individual.
  3. Problem – State a Problem in Acting the way they currently act.
  4. Solution – Propose a simple solution that they can abide by.
  5. Benefit – Tell them a benefit of doing it your way.
  6. Acceptance – Try to achieve their acceptance of the problem.
  7. Action – Give them a practical way to take action.
  8. Support – express your willingness to give them support for their action and Follow up.

You can use these principles with your workers, spouse, children, parents, clients, employees. You’ll get more results and help others instead of preaching what to do.

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