Can China Save Its Population through Instituting Torah Law?

G-d gives laws for the good of man & mankind. Serving G-d is a challenge – but in the long term one realizes that overcoming those challenges leads to a better life.

G-d gave the Torah that contains laws for Jews – the 613 commandments. It also contains laws for Gentiles – the 7 Noahide laws.

It seems from the press – that the Corornavirus – started from an animal market in Wuhan, China.

An observant Jew follows many laws that will prevent him or her from contracting the virus. Here are some laws for Jews that help them to live a healthy life.

  1. Eating Kosher – a Jew eats kosher. This entails eating only healthy & clean animals. Animals that Chew their cud and have split hooves. We do not eat creepy, crawling creatures – that carry diseases.
    We eat animals that are healthy. No carcasses. No diseased animals. Animals that have no wounds that will cause them to not live out the year.
    The fish we consume have fins and scales. These fish are not scavengers and are more healthy to eat than those that hang out on the bottom of the ocean. The ritual slaughter of the animals is done in a humane way as to not cause the animal pain or stress. This prevents the animal from releasing negative hormones into it’s body when being slaughtered and does not contaminate others.
  2. Washing Hands – When Jews wake up in the morning – we wash our hands 3 times alternating. Before a bread meal – we also wash our hands using a hand-washing vessel. After the bathroom – one washes their hands and recites a special blessing to G-d that the body is functioning properly (Asher Yatzar).
  3. We do not eat limbs taken from a live animal. This law applies to Jews and Non-Jews. Many people who do eat limbs from a live animal – also end up not cooking them either. This leads to eating unhealthy food due to the microbes that remain in the body.
  4. Bread of the Morning – Eating bread in the Morning (Pat Shah’rit) reinforces the whole body and kills bacteria in the stomach..
  5. Be Fruitful and Multiply. It is a Torah law for people to have children. We have sufficient technology to feed the world. If the Chinese – understood that G-d is in control – they would not have laws limiting population growth.
  6. Do Not Murder – The lack of belief in G-d allows a person to justify any act. To take the extreme example – the Nazi’s rationalized genocide. The Chinese rationalized abortion and infanticide – because of their lack in belief of G-d. They wrongly assumed – that the world cannot support more people. G-d wants the world to be populated and people not to kill. (See Seven Noahide Commandments). It is possible that one of the people they killed had the potential to find a cure for the Wuhan Coronavirus.
  7. Salting Meat – before eating meat a Jew salts the meat to remove the blood. We do not want to be influenced by the blood of the animal. It also kills bacteria. If we want to eat liver – we must roast it.
  8. Stay Healthy – Jews are commanded to stay healthy.
  9. Celibacy Before Marriage – Before one gets married – Observant Jews refrain from physical interaction with the other gender. Apart from helping to assure relations with common goals, communication & appreciation – it helps a person to remain safe from transmitted ailments.
  10. The Sacred Touch – The Jewish Observant public refrains from physical contact with the opposite gender. Thus this also helps people to keep clear of ailments transmitted by contact.

All the Laws that G-d gives in the Torah serve many purposes. Some Laws are for the benefit of man. Some laws are between Man & G-d.

In the 13 principles of Judaism  the Rambam – one belief is that there is reward and punishment. At times the reward or punishment comes as a result of the positive or negative act that one performed. Sometimes it does not. One may be rewarded or punished in this world or the next world as a result of their acts.

Is the Wuhan Coronavirus a punishment for China’s deeds? The virus probably came about because the Chinese eat ever min hachai – limbs taken from a live animal. Meaning they cut up the animal before it died. Are they being punished for the millions of infanticides and abortions done to their own people for population control? I don’t know. But one thing is sure – if the Chinese are smart they will learn from the errors of the ancient egyptians – who acted similarly. They did not recognize G-d / Hash-m and then they eventually perished.

The times we are living now is called the Messianic Times. Soon the Messiah will come. In the meantime it says – that G-d will send plagues upon the world for the people of the world to recognize Him – Hashem -a as the True G-d of the world. Is the Wuhan Virus one of these plagues? I don’t know.

One thing I do know is that if the Chinese Government wants to save its people – they should adopt the 7 Noahide laws and some of the beliefs of Judaism into their country. Instead of a policy of atheism for those who want to join the communist party – they should institute a policy to believe in Hash-m. They could hire 1000 Orthodox Rabbis to teach people the 7 Noahide Laws and of G-d. They can teach them laws of Kashrut and the Belief in Hash-m, the G-d of the Jews. They should distribute the 7 Noahide laws cards to the population. This will save their country.

The Ancient Egyptians didn’t learn from the 10 Plagues – will the Chinese? I hope so.



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