Four Things to do to Receive Special Holiness on Shavuot

The Jews were in Egypt for 210 years. They were a free nation that was gradually lured into slavery. G-d had to take them out quickly – for them not to remain with a slave mentality.

After the plagues – The Jews with somewhat of a mentality of fear were reticent to enter the desert with Moshe. G-d put his divine presence upon them. With this great holiness – the Jews were motivated to leave Egypt to receive the Torah.

After Hash-m / G-d split the Sea of Reeds into 12 tunnels, Jews traveled through tunnels towards mount Sinai to receive the Torah.

When they exited the tunnels, G-d took away this Holiness from them. They had to work for the Holiness – that was previously given to them as a gift.

The way for them to receive this great holiness, spirituality – and happiness – was them to work on themselves for 49 days to receive the Torah. These 49 things are the 48 ways to acquire Torah – as mentioned in the Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers / (chapter 6, mishna 6). After doing this – working on one trait a day – and all of them on the last day – they received this Holiness and were able to receive the Torah from G-d Himself at Mount Sinai. That was the only time in History that G-d spoke to entire Nation – the Jewish Nation – of Millions People.

I Heard a Shiur / Lecture from Rabbi Meir Eliyahu – who spoke about this subject in a Shiur / הרב מאיר אליהו | חג השבועות | משכן יהודה – ה’תשע”ו

He said we too can receive this Holiness according to the Ari”zl / Rav Yitchak Luria. There are 4 steps for a man to receive it:

  1. Count the Omer – for 49 days starting at the Second night of Pesach / Passover we count 49 days of the Omer / the Barley offering at the Beit Hamikdash until Shavuot.
  2. Do the Tikun / Reparation of the Night of Shavuot – the night before the Jewish people received the Torah – they slumbered. G-d had to wake them up with thunder and lightning. That was a fault. They should have stayed awake in anticipation to receive the Torah. They slept. To repair this – we stay awake the night of Shavuot – and read a special Sefer / Holy Book called Kerieh Mo’ed. This is the second step. R. Eliyahu mentioned – although praiseworthy to learn other Torah that Night – he said that the Tikun is specifically done with the Kerieh Mo’ed. Also one should refrain from vain conversations and not slumber or sleep.
  3. Dip in a Mikveh – the night of Shavuot – before the prayer.
  4. Daven / Pray with much Hilahavoot / Enthusiasm & Fervor

One who does so can receive this special holiness.

Increase Your Joy in the Month of Adar – A Segula to Gain Salvation from Difficulties

In the Talmud – Taanit 29a we learn

§ The mishna teaches that from when the month of Av begins, one decreases acts of rejoicing. Rav Yehuda, son of Rav Shmuel bar Sheilat, said in the name of Rav: Just as when Av begins one decreases rejoicing, so too when the month of Adar begins, one increases rejoicing.

A Segula / “Propituous Amulet” To get salvation from all difficulties is in the month of Adar – this month –

Write the following on a paper:

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה
מזל אדר דגים

Draw a fish on the bottom of sign and post the sign in your home (some say opposite the door on the western wall).

It means “when Adar enters we increase the Joy. The zodiac sign of Adar is Fish. 🐟”

All the good blessings from Ohr Binyamin &
Live Better Forever


סגולה from הרב אברהם בן שבתי in his sefer ילקוט
אברהם 686

The Four Sons of the Haggada. Which Son Are You? – The Ultimate Guide for Self-Improvement

“Blessed is Hashem. Blessed is He. That He gave Torah to His people Israel. The Torah talked about the four sons – one wise, one wicked, one one simple and one that doesn’t know how to ask.”

A person reading the Hagada on Passover will usually ask – who am I out of all these sons? Am I the Wise? The Wicked?

Really each one of us has a trait of each son in us. At times we fall to our temptations – so we have the trait of the wicked son. At time we act with wisdom – thus we are like the wise son. At times we act as the the other two.

So what is the solution? How do we Become more wise and less wicked, less simple and more ethically educated?

There is a concept in Torah Hash-m Makdim Refual LaMaka – Hash-m provides the cure before the illness.

The Ultimate Guide for Self-Improvement

What is the proper cure to having the attributes of the four sons – The Torah.

As first in the Hagada it says :

“Blessed is Hashem. Blessed is He. That He gave Torah to His people Israel.

then it says:

The Torah talked about the four sons – one wise, one wicked, one one simple and one that doesn’t know how to ask.”



The Purpose of a Birthday & the New Year

The kids sing “Happy Birthday to You…”

What is the origin of a Birthday?

To know the source, look in the Torah. In the Book of Bereshit / Genesis the Butler and Baker had dreams. They went to Yosef / Joseph and asked him to interpret the dreams. He did so. To one – the Butler / Cup-bearer he said – In three days  he would be restored to his position. To the other – the baker – he said in three days he would be killed.

The interpretation came true. Three days later it was the Birthday of Pharaoh. Rashi Explains he was celebrating the day of his birth.

At that celebration Pharaoh forgave the cup-bearer and condemned the baker.

So what is there to celebrate?

Here are Several reasons

  • that you are alive
  • that you survived the entire year
  • that you are you
  • to get gifts
  • to start the new year to be a sign for the rest of the year

We all have reasons to be thankful.

Observation of our surrounding, situations and a positive eye will help us to recognize we have more for which to be thankful than the contrary

Rejoicing for the Good

In Parasha / Torah Reading Ki tavo, in the first aliya – (Devarim / Deut. 26:11)  we read “And you shall rejoice for all the good that G-d gave you,  your household and the Levi and the convert who is among you. ” Why do we have a commandment to be happy for the good we receive? It is natural to be happy for good.

One reason is many have the attitude of ‘It’s my right.. I deserve it” Thus when they do receive good, they are not so appreciative. G-d is telling us to have the attitude that everything we receive is not a given. It is a gift from G-d. If we think thus, we will not take things for granted and be happy and thankful to Hashem for each thing we receive.

Having appreciation to G.d leads us to a more fulfilling life.  Thus we say the blessing of Shehechiyanu (Blessed are You, Our G-d … that He made us live, established us and that allowed us to arrived to this time.) on Jewish holidays to appreciate our arriving in good health to this time.