The Two Worlds – When the Spiritual meets the Physical – Respecting the Dead

Of the opinion that “I’ll believe when I see it”?

Many things you don’t see but they exist.

I don’t see cell phone radio waves – but obviously they exist – otherwise i wouldn’t be able to use my cell phone. I hear a person knock on the door. I can determine that a person is behind the door – without seeing him.

You can prove something true or false. You can prove something physical exists – but you cannot prove that something does not exist by observation alone. Because you did not observe it – it doesn’t mean that it does not exist – perhaps it eschewed your sight or observation.

Logic and Torah can prove something exists or does not.

I recently heard a Hebrew shiur / lecture in about strange creatures that exist in the world according to Torah. Believe it or not – mermaids, werewolf, demons, dragons, migrant souls, plant men (adnei hasadei) – exist.

Some use “I never Saw G-d.” as a reason to doubt the existence of a creator. I can say the same about radio waves – “I never saw them” – doesn’t mean they don’t exist. By the fact that I can communicate with cell phones shows they do exist.

We already proved beyond a reasonable doubt that G-d does exist. You can even prove that the true religion & law of the world is Torah in 4 steps. but that is not the subject at hand.

The subject is when the Spiritual World intermingles with the physical world. Here are two stories I recently heard. One is kind of scary – but I guess you can handle it.

Someone I know’s friend heard that some gentiles in Eretz yisrael were on the verge of desecrating a Jewish cemetery. The man got a friend and decided to disinter bones from the cemetery of buried Jewish bodies before the gentiles got to them.  They planned to bury them to a place that would assure proper respect. After grueling work, they decided to go to sleep and bury them in the morning. They put the bones in their room – for they were too tired to bury them. In the middle of one’s sleep – his mattress flipped over. He put the mattress back and fell asleep again. Again asleep, his mattress flipped over again. He then decided – tired as he was – to bury the bones.

Once a woman was careful to sponsor yeshiva boys to say Kaddish (the memorial prayer) for people who had no one to recite it for them after they died. Her husband died and little by little she started running dry of her former wealth – yet she continued to support the Kaddish. Her daughter met a suitor that wanted to marry her. Yet the mother had no money to pay for wedding. She was walking down the street and an elderly man approached her, asking why she was so sad. She explained her situation. The man decided to write her a check for all the wedding expenses but only after he called two yeshiva boys to serve as witnesses. She went to the bank to cash the check. When the bank manager saw the check he fainted. Once revived – they asked him why he fainted. He explained “Last night my deceased father came to me in a dream saying that – he was disappointed that I didn’t say Kaddish when he died. And there was a woman that did organize it – he wanted her to have this money for his daughter’s wedding. She would be coming the next morning to collect it.”

The Secret Parallels in the Megillah of Esther

I Listen to a Rabbi named Rabbi Shaked Bohdana / הרב שקד בוהדנה.

Everything is accounted for in life. What goes around comes around is a Jewish concept. It is called Midah Keneged Midah / measure for measure. You are kind – the kindness comes back.

There is reward and punishment. There is a second chance. G-d allows us to do teshuva (repent).

Rabbi Bohdana says that the Ariz”l says that Mordechai was the Gilgul / reincarnation of Yaakov Avinu. Haman was the Gilgul of Esav – Yaakov’s Brother.

Yaakov erred in bowing to Esav. He bowed to Esav 7 times. His 4 wives followed his action and bowed to Esav. Each of the 11 sons of Yaakov also bowed. Yaakov caused 22 bowings to Esav. In the story of Purim Mordechai – refused to bow to Haman. He repaired the error he made. We read the word “BeOmram” as “KeOmram”. One is written with Bet. The other with a Kaf. The values of each are 2 and 20 respectively. Added together is 22.

Yaakov bought the Birthright from Esav. Esav had animosity because of this. Mordechai bought Haman as a slave. Haman had animosity because of this.

It uses the word “VaYibez” when Esav denigrated the Birthright in Bereshit / Genesis.

It uses the word “VaYibez” when Haman denigrated that it would not be proper to destroy Mordechai – because it would look like a personal vendetta.

Another Parallel is – the 10 sons of Haman are hung. In the Megillah Esther asks the King to Hang the sons of Haman again Tomorrow. When it says “The King” in the Megillah – it also refers to Hashem. She asked Hashem to kill the sons of Haman / Amalek again.

In the Megillah – the Book of Esther (9:6-10), where the 10 sons of evil Haman are killed, three Hebrew letters are written smaller than the rest. These letters [Taf (400), Shin (300), Zayin (7)] when added to 5000 (Hay”), add up to 5707. This is the Hebrew year (1946-1947 C.E.) when 10 Nazi war criminals were hung in Nuremberg, Germany (October 16, 1946) for their atrocious crimes against humanity.

Will One See Their Past Relatives Again?

Our life in this world is not our complete life. We lived before and we will live after. Where were we before we were born? In a spiritual world. The Ariz”l – Rabbi Yithak Luria – says that most people nowadays are reincarnated souls.

A person’s soul may have been in another body in the past. I know a psychologist that is versed in hypnosis. He told me stories of people he hypnotized – that he brought back to a past life. The soul remembers. The body may not.

Knowing that fact – what do we do now? The Torah says – now we came here to repair past misdeeds or to accomplish a particular purpose. We can find our purpose by learning Torah from a competent Orthodox Rabbi. (see

Those – who did achieve their purpose go on to another heavenly world. When a person in this world has a marriage – the souls of family members from the next world come to attend.

The souls of relatives also come to greet a person on the day they depart from the world. Thus the French term – Au Revoir (See You Again) is more applicable to say to a departed soul than a final goodbye.


6 Ways to Tell if You are a Reincarnated Soul

The Torah Talks of Reincarnated Souls

A person is sent to the world to perfect themselves. G-d gives the soul several chances to follow the laws of Torah – the 613 commandments for Jews and the 7 Noahide laws for non-Jews. If they do do what is good & just in the eyes of Hash-m – they go to a higher level of existence. If not G-d gives them chances to correct their faults. I heard – a person gets 3 chances. The Ari”zl – a great Rabbi Kabbalist – said that most people today (in his time and most likely now) are reincarnated souls.

When Adam HaRishon / the first man was created – he was composed of many souls. Each soul branched off. The Soul of Moshe Rabbeinu / Moses our teacher was in a part of Adam that did not receive nourishment from the Etz HaDaat / Tree of Knowledge that Hava / Eve and Adam sinfully ate. (see Zera Shimshon – Matot – who brings this from מהרע”ה author of the Amudey Shiva / עמודיה שבעה). Since he was not tainted with this transgression – Moshe was able to speak the words directly from Hash-m / G-d – As opposed to other prophets that had only transmitted words of G-d that they heard in an unconscious or dream state.

The Torah tells or many examples of reincarnated souls – see Sefer haDorot. Some Examples – Moses was the reincarnated soul from Hevel / Abel and also from Noah. Rabbi Akiva – was the reincarnated soul of Zimri. Some have a spark from a previous soul. Rabbi Akiva also had a spark from Shechem ben Hamor.

Are You carrying a Soul?

At times a person has to come back to this world to do a tikkun – reparation for the sins of a past life. If the person didn’t do many sins and needs a small tikkun – Hash-m gives them a chance to enter into someone’s body to do a particular Mitzvah – that was lacking in the soul.

Did You Wake Up speaking Another Language?
I read an article on a psychological condition that a person wakes up one morning speaking a different language. It’s called bilingual aphasia. It is documented. Many scientists and psychologists do not understand the phenomenon or give a weak explanation. The Torah has a simple explanation – that person was a reincarnated soul. In a previous life – they spoke that language. They reverted back to a past lifetime.

Hypnosis – Are you one of these reincarnated souls?

In a book called “The Coming Revolution – by R. Zamir Cohen or an article on his site – that talks about Hypnosis to a past life. The book talks about many phenomenon that demonstrate examples of concepts written in the Torah. In it he writes about a person that did hypnosis. The hypnotist took the person back to a point before he was born. At that moment the person started speaking French & started telling him of his past life. The person was a keeper of the Horse stables in the palace of Versailles, France.  He was killed in a duel. The Hypnotist checked the facts and found they corresponded to the person’s story.

Trustworthy Hypnosis

If a person wants to see a hypnotist – obviously – one should check his reputation and make sure he is honest. One trustworthy Dr. that I know that does do Hypnosis – is Dr. Peter Resnick. He told me once that a religious Jewish girl was having fears to get married. She was afraid of losing her children. He did Hypnosis and found that in a previous life she lived on an island where a volcano erupted and she lost two daughters – r”l.

Fears and Dreams – revealing a past life?

A person who has fears may be fearing due to a trauma in his or her life – or a past life. If they have vivid dreams of past events – it might also be a sign of being a reincarnated soul.

Speaking with the Autists

There are certain autistic people that are able to communicate through a preocess called Facilitated Communication. These Jewish autistic people are highly connected spiritually. There is a site and books on the subject. One book is called “Secrets of the Soul”. For French speakers / Francophone is “le livre d’Annaëlle” One site that allows you to communicate with one of these autistic people is called – apparently you can email them.

A Rabbi I know – Rabbi Perez – went to see one of these autistic people. I Believe it was Binyamin. Rabbi Perez was formerly a non-Jewish minister in Mexico. He investigated Judaism and finally converted to Judaism. He married a Jewish Moroccan woman. He asked the Binyamin. Binyamin told him he was a soul that previously lived in the Holocaust. At that time he was married to a woman – who’s soul was the same as the woman he was currently married to. Rabbi Perez asked – why did I have to go through the process of being born a gentile and have to find and convert to Judaism – while my wife was born Jewish. Binyamin answered – Before your wife died – She did teshuva (Repented) – You didn’t do teshuva before you died. So you had to take another stem in this life to become Jewish. When his wife heard the story – she replied that’s interesting – I always had an a affinity with Ashkenazi customs.

Speaking with a Gadol

A gadol is a great rabbi. Usually they are recognized by the vast majority of Orthodox Jews as great rabbis due to their Torah erudition, their holiness, purity and their kindness. Some rabbis are able to tell things – that the average person can’t see. Baba Sali – was able to tell people things that were hidden. He would be able to tell what was happening in other areas read a person’s sins. He gave blessings as well.

Now a days it is more rare to find a person on that level to see things hidden from others. But they can be found with proper investigation. Obviously one must do their due diligence to determine if the Rabbi is accepted and on that high spiritual level.

The Torah cautions from going to soothsayers and fortune tellers. Whatever is available in the positive is available in the negative. Meaning there are people who can tell you things hidden to others – through sorcery or black magic. Pursuing the avenues of impurity is forbidden by the Torah. Everything that is available in the impure manner – is available in the pure manner.


*** Le livre d’Annaëlle ; contes d’Annaëlle – Annaëlle Chimoni

  • 21 Janvier 2010 / 9782918518020

Annaëlle, huit ans, est condamnée au silence et peut-être à une fin précoce.
La méthode de la ” communication facilitée ” mise au point en Australie puis développée en Amérique, en France et en Israël, lui permet de parler avec nous par clavier informatique interposé. Soutenue par sa foi religieuse et celle de ses parents, dotée d’une étonnante clairvoyance, elle nous ouvre ainsi les ports de son monde intérieur et nous apporte la preuve, s’il en était encore besoin que les enfants polyhandicapés ou autistes sont sensibles au moindre battement de paupière du monde.
Le Livre d’Annaëlle n’est pas seulement l’autobiographie d’une jeune vie, avec ses souffrances et ses joies intenses, il est aussi un témoignage d’amour et de vérité universelle, un appel de Dieu aux hommes. Son enfermement, Annaëlle le reçoit comme une suprême liberté, car elle vit en Dieu. Elle n’a rien oublié de la parole de son origine, elle raconte ses vies antérieures et parle du Talmud et de la Bible avec une érudition digne des plus grands maîtres.
Il n’est pas jusqu’au Grand Rabbin Joseph Sitruk qui ne s’écrie un jour lors d’une conférence : ” Un sefer Torah dans un corps humain, s’il yen avait un, je citerais le nom d’Annaëlle : une main humaine capable de dire ce qu’une main céleste a dicté aux hommes. Elle est à elle seule une Torah vivante, avec des yeux et un sourire… ” Son livre fut un immense succès. Annaëlle aurait dix-neuf ans aujourd’hui et demanda expressément à ses parents qu’à cette date soit publié son deuxième livre (inédit) sous le titre choisi par elle : Le livre inachevé.
On y côtoie le Golem ainsi que le Maharal de Prague, l’esprit de l’eau et le souffle du Messie, les réincarnations, le Berger transhumant, les contes et ce sentiment ténu qui traverse les deux livres, que nous avons regroupés ici, de joie, de force et de confiance absolue en la Providence divine.

Reasons for the Influx of Converts to Judaism, Reincarnation & Antisemitism

Many people want to be Jewish. It is challenging. But – the gain outweighs the pain. Truthfully a Gentile – need not become Jewish to obtain a place in heaven. By observing the 7 Noahide laws from the Torah they can receive a portion in heaven – albeit – not as great as a portion that a Jew who observes Torah receives.

At the time of Mashiah’ / Messiah the gentiles will ask G-d to give them a Mitzvah / commandment to show that they also can observe the mitzvahs as the Jews.

Gentiles / Non-Jews given a Mitzvah / Commandment

In a Toras Aish (Sukkot 5765 / Volume XII Number 3) a booklet with Thoughts From Across the Torah Spectrum, RABBI DOV KRAMER explains in an article called – Taking a Closer Look

The prayers recited during the recently concluded High Holidays include the desire/plea that “all of humanity (Jew and non-Jew alike) join together to fulfill Your will.” In the Haftorah of the first day of Succos (Zecharya 14:16), we read that this request will be realized during the Messianic period; “And it will be that all who are left from all of the nations, who had come against Jerusalem (to wage war against it), and they will come up every year to bow before the King, the G-d of Hosts, and to celebrate the festival of Succos.” Why is this holiday singled out as the one during which all the nations of the world will come to acknowledge G-d?


Most of the commentators explain that the war of Gog and Magog, the final war before Moshiach comes, will take place on Succos. Since it will be the wondrous miracles performed in this war that will cause all to recognize the One True G-d, it will be this same time every year that the nations return to pay homage to Him.


Rashi, however, has a different approach. The Talmud (Avodah Zarah 3a) describes a conversation between the gentile nations and G-d, where they ask if they can start from scratch (and thus be worthy of the same future as the Nation of Israel). Eventually, G-d gives them one “easy” commandment to fulfill, to live in a Succah. It is because of this “mitzvah,” given to the gentiles as their last opportunity to show that they deserved to be included in all of the Torah’s commandments, that (according to Rashi) the other nations come to Jerusalem every year to “bow before G-d.”


Here is a synopsis of the end of the conversation between G-d and the gentiles: The gentiles request a “do-over,” that they be offered the Torah again, so that they can (now) fulfill it. G-d responds that it’s really too late, as reward can only be given in the world to come to those that worked for it in this world. Nevertheless, “I have one easy commandment, namely Succah, go and fulfill it.” The Talmud asks how G-d can offer such a thing, when a verse explicitly implies that mitzvos cannot be performed in the world to come- to which it answers that G-d does not use “excuses” to prove His point, so wanted to give them an opportunity to show whether or not they really would keep the commandment(s) if given the chance.


Initially, each gentile goes and builds a Succah, but when G-d makes it extremely hot (and therefore uncomfortable in the Succah), they all leave it-kicking it on their way out. Even though one who is very uncomfortable is not obligated to stay in the Succah, by kicking it they showed that they never really wanted to fulfill it (see Maharal).

Becoming in Tune with Oneself / The Reason for Antisemitism – If You cannot Join them – Beat them.

One of the reasons why Hitler said he hated Jews in Mein Kampf – was because the Jews gave the world 2 things – A conscience. The Idea of Perfecting Oneself. He wanted to live as a barbarian – without a conscience. Thus the reasons he said that he committed his atrocities.

A Gentile or even a Jew against Torah Observant Jews who is in tune with their real feelings may want to examine from where these feelings emanate / come. They may ask – Is it that they have a desire to become Torah observant themselves – but their attachment to the materialism causes them to beat them (Jews) rather than to join them?

If this is the case it makes more sense to at least take a small mitzvah upon themselves and do something constructive with these feelings rather than using their feelings destructively.

Why Gentiles want to Become Jewish

But the main point here is – why do some non-Jews feel a compelling desire to convert to Judaism?

For some it is a Desire to connect with the Source of All life – the One who said “let there be light!” – Hash-m.

In Torah it explains that before G-d gave the Torah to the Jews at Mount Sinai – He proposed it to the other nations. Each asked – what is in the Torah. To a nation that had a tendency towards stealing – He said – “Do not Steal. is one of the commandments. The collective nation rejected accepting the Torah upon themselves. Until when the Torah was offered to the Jews – the Jews said “We will do it and We will hear it.” Meaning first we will accept the Torah. Then we will hear what is in it. Some Gentiles in certain nations – wanted to accept the Torah, but were excluded from the privilege of observing it because their nation rejected it. Some of these souls – came back to life and eventually became converts to Judaism.

There were also some individual Jews who did not wish to accept the Torah at mount Sinai. They eventually became – those against Torah or those that “converted” to another religion. (Conversion of a Jew to another religion is really impossible – a Jew will always remain a Jew in G-d’s eyes. Even though a Jew can go through the motions of “converting” to another religions – their soul will remain Jewish and they are responsible to follow Torah and they will be Judged as a Jew (according to their observance of Jewish Law / Shulchan Aruch) in the afterlife).

The Migrating Souls

However for some, another reason plays a part. During the course of history – many Jewish souls greatly diverted themselves from the path of the Torah or rebelled against it. G-d sometimes gives these souls an extra chance to redeem themselves from what their soul did in a past life. Their soul comes back in the body of a non-Jew because their soul desires to become attached again to the source of life – Hash-m.

In a previous Post in – entitled Truth Seekers – Of Ministers & Missionaries that Made the Move to Judaism  I wrote about two former-gentile ministers whose sincere search of truth led them to convert to Torah Judaism – Rabbi Yehuda Peretz and Gavriel Sanders.

Rabbi Yehuda Perez, originally Alfredo Diaz, came from Mexico. His father was interested in spirituality and tried all kinds of religions until he founded a church. His sect had great respect for Jews. His son, Rabbi Peretz, started on the track to become a Pastor. At one point he was reading the bible. He had questions regarding the discrepancies in the Bible. He tried comparing different versions of the Bible to find his answers. He didn’t find his answers. He found out that the versions differed markedly between one and the other and between the original Hebrew texts. He was not satisfied with the answers.


So he prayed to G-d to help him find the truth and the answers to his questions. Shortly after he met a Jewish person and was enthralled. He started asking his questions to the simple Jew and he answered them satisfactorily. Alfredo, was greatly impressed, and learned that the answers to his questions were found in what the Jewish man called the Oral Torah. He kept on asking questions that the man deferred by suggesting that Alfredo ask some of the orthodox Rabbis in Mexico.

Alfredo continued his search for truth until he finally converted to Judaism. He Moved to Israel and married a Jewish woman. He continued his Jewish studies and Became and ordained Rabbi. Now he is Rabbi Yehuda Perez.

Tapping in to Previous Lives – through the Autistic Savants

Rabbi Perez once went to an autistic person who has a soul that highly in contact with the heavens. (for those interested Books (Secrets of the Soul) and a site ( that reveals their messages exist). His name I believe is Binyamin Golden – who is able to communicate through a process called Facilitated Communication (FC). FC Is done through computer chat communication with the autistic person.

He asked Binyamin – who was he in a previous life. Binyamin Told him –

Your soul was previously in a person who died in the Gas Chambers of the Holocaust. In your previous life you were also married with someone who had the same soul as your current wife.

His current wife was a Moroccan Jew.

Rabbi Perez then asked why was his current wife born Jewish – while he was born as a gentile?

Binyamin Told him –

At the last moments of your previous life you did not do Teshuva / Repent from abandoning the Torah. You thus were born as a non-Jew – because to compensate for your lack of Teshuva – in a past life you had to make an extra effort to become Jewish in this life. Your wife – did do Teshuva the last moment and thus she was reincarnated as a Jewish woman.

The world – in this state is supposed to last 6,000 years. We are in Year 5,778 from creation. Many souls are coming to the world to make a tikun / reparation for abandoning Torah in a previous life. At times a person has sinned so much – that the only way they can be purified and forgiven is if they die sanctifying the Name of Hashem / Kiddush Hash-m. Some of the people in the Holocaust died for that reason.

Thus many converts are coming to convert to Judaism – because these migrant souls are being reborn.

Who Are You?

The Ariz”l said that most people born today are from souls reincarnated from past lives.

Are you one of these reincarnated souls? I don’t know. Hypnosis (see – the book the Coming Revolution – by R. Zamir Cohen or an article on his site – that talks about Hypnosis to a past life) or speaking with one of these autistic people (see – apparently you can email them) through Facilitated Communication might be able to help you on that one. But really all you need is to be true to yourself- true to truth. true to finding truth and pray to Hash-m / G-d and Hash-m will help you find the Truth.

Following Torah – either the Shulhan Arukh for a Jew or the 7 Noahide Commandments for non-Jews are pretty simple once you get used to doing them. One just has to take that first step of making taking small steps towards learning them and observing.