Rules to Break Productivity Breakers – for Work & for Life

You want to get work done. Procrastination and distraction are major productivity breakers. I know.

Being Productive by Removing Barriers

To be more productive short-term & long-term we try to find ways to break the productivity breakers. One major step in the right direction is to get a flip phone instead of a smart phone. Many executives made the move and found afterwards they focused more on business than distractions.

To break the breakers we must know what activities causes the most time wastage. Is it surfing the shopping sites? Is it communicating with whatsapp? Is it talking to friends over the phone at work? You decide. Write down 5 and focus on those.

Rules for Efficiency

An idea to break the productivity breakers is to establish rules and stick by them. At times I tend to get distracted. So I made a rule and put it on my list of tasks on my email software – that has a simple task manager – like “No talking to friends on phone during work before clearing desk.” Obviously dealing with non-work related issues should be kept to a minimum. But breaking the habit or establishing a good habit takes concrete steps – like the one above and dedicating a short time – let’s say 2 minutes daily (for continuity) towards the goal.

The 2 Minute Rule

Those are the short term habits. Work habits. We also can use the same system for personal habits. Like taking 2 minutes a day to express appreciation to one’s spouse or children or parents.

Torah Rules

The Torah provides laws to be most productive in life. It says in the Torah – that a person only transgresses – when a spirit of folly enters their mind. If a person thought out thoroughly their actions before they did them – they would come to the conclusion that the way of the Torah is best.

Let’s take some examples: A Jew follows the 10 commandments – which are major categories of 613 commandments that they follow. Gentiles follow the 7 Noahide laws from the Torah – which are major categories of 30 commandments that they follow.

Examples of Gain vs. Loss

One commandment for both is “Do Not Steal.” A person who gets away with stealing – may gain in the short term – ie, the money they stole. In the long term – they put themselves in a situation of worrying about being caught, covering their trail, losing their reputation, losing their job. Is the $1000 gained worth the worry? No.

A Jew observes the Shabbat. We do not write, light a fire, initiate electricity, etc. Some go shopping instead. So what did they gain? A good sale? What did they lose? A time to connect to spirituality – ie, connecting with Hash-m / G-d. A time to connect with family and friends. The Loss outweighs the gain.

Torah – In Best interest of Man

The Torah – written by Hash-m / G-d – is made in the best interest of man on a personal, community and global level. What we gain by following Torah allows us to live a more productive life.

Regrets of Youth

I have a friend. He said when he was a youth – he followed the way of the world. He had girlfriends, toured the world – enjoyed the high life. He complained that while he was “living it up” – others were establishing families and building their future. He expressed regret. Some – learn quickly and correct the errors of youth and eventually align themselves with Torah values. Some don’t.

Starting a New Page

To be most productive – to become the best that you can – G-d / Hash-m gave us the Torah. A good place to start for a Jew is by learning the Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers and about the 613 commandments. For a Gentile – the best palce to start is to learn about their 7 Noahide commandments. That is a good start to live a productive and meaningful life.

Four Things to do to Receive Special Holiness on Shavuot

The Jews were in Egypt for 210 years. They were a free nation that was gradually lured into slavery. G-d had to take them out quickly – for them not to remain with a slave mentality.

After the plagues – The Jews with somewhat of a mentality of fear were reticent to enter the desert with Moshe. G-d put his divine presence upon them. With this great holiness – the Jews were motivated to leave Egypt to receive the Torah.

After Hash-m / G-d split the Sea of Reeds into 12 tunnels, Jews traveled through tunnels towards mount Sinai to receive the Torah.

When they exited the tunnels, G-d took away this Holiness from them. They had to work for the Holiness – that was previously given to them as a gift.

The way for them to receive this great holiness, spirituality – and happiness – was them to work on themselves for 49 days to receive the Torah. These 49 things are the 48 ways to acquire Torah – as mentioned in the Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers / (chapter 6, mishna 6). After doing this – working on one trait a day – and all of them on the last day – they received this Holiness and were able to receive the Torah from G-d Himself at Mount Sinai. That was the only time in History that G-d spoke to entire Nation – the Jewish Nation – of Millions People.

I Heard a Shiur / Lecture from Rabbi Meir Eliyahu – who spoke about this subject in a Shiur / הרב מאיר אליהו | חג השבועות | משכן יהודה – ה’תשע”ו

He said we too can receive this Holiness according to the Ari”zl / Rav Yitchak Luria. There are 4 steps for a man to receive it:

  1. Count the Omer – for 49 days starting at the Second night of Pesach / Passover we count 49 days of the Omer / the Barley offering at the Beit Hamikdash until Shavuot.
  2. Do the Tikun / Reparation of the Night of Shavuot – the night before the Jewish people received the Torah – they slumbered. G-d had to wake them up with thunder and lightning. That was a fault. They should have stayed awake in anticipation to receive the Torah. They slept. To repair this – we stay awake the night of Shavuot – and read a special Sefer / Holy Book called Kerieh Mo’ed. This is the second step. R. Eliyahu mentioned – although praiseworthy to learn other Torah that Night – he said that the Tikun is specifically done with the Kerieh Mo’ed. Also one should refrain from vain conversations and not slumber or sleep.
  3. Dip in a Mikveh – the night of Shavuot – before the prayer.
  4. Daven / Pray with much Hilahavoot / Enthusiasm & Fervor

One who does so can receive this special holiness.

Improve Your Communication & Marriage – Learning from the Parrot

One of the secrets of a good marriage is good communication. The Torah teaches successful communication.

I met some people at a wedding recently. I gave them our “You are Special Card” by Ohr Binyamin. It lists 36 reasons why you are special. I told them once someone asked me “Do You have a card on Shalom Bayit / peaceful relations at home?” I replied: Yes – read one of these reasons on the card to your wife every day. A wife needs to feel appreciated by her husband. A simple “thank you” or buying her a gift regularly can go a long way for more peaceful relations. Take 2 minutes a day to think about & do what you can do to make your spouse happy.

Learning from Animals

The Talmud says we can learn from all men. It goes to the extent to say we can also learn from animals in Eruvin 100b:

Rabbi Yoḥanan said: Even if the Torah had not been given, we would nonetheless have learned modesty from the cat, and that stealing is objectionable from the ant….

What can we learn from parrots? Parrots repeat what a person says.

Empathy in Marriage

A spouse seeks empathy – an essential part of communication. Empathy means that you understand & feel the feelings of the other person. Men tend to be “problem solvers”. Women tend to be “Empathizers”. How do you empathize with someone? Repeat what they say in other terms – sincerely. For instance: Wife comes home from work and says “The boss was upset that I came late today.” The natural reaction of the man is – “Let’s put on the alarm a little earlier for tomorrow.” The wife doesn’t necessarily want to hear solutions. She wants you to feel for her that she was upset by the boss being upset. By empathizing you validate the other’s emotions. A more proper response would be – “I understand that it is upsetting when your boss feels frustrated.”

One lesson learned from the parrot.

You can also learn it from the Torah – in Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers chapter 6 – One of the 48 ways to acquire Torah is – Noseh Be’ol Im H’avero / Carrying the burden with your fellow. Noseh Be’ol also includes noticing the burden of your fellow and doing what you can to relieve it. You see a large pile of laundry – put a couple loads in the washer and dryer. Sensitivity to others is one way to become greater person.

The Wife Mirrors the Husband’s Actions

Once my aunt in a department store. She was looking for her sister, who looked similar to herself. She saw a woman and she waved. The Woman waved back. She thought she found her sister – when she realized that she was looking at a mirror.

G-d runs the world Middah Keneged Middah / Measure for Measure – what one does – comes back to them. One of the reasons G-d commanded a person to get married is for each to grow together. Having a partner – gives you many opportunities for growth. What a man does – is sometimes shown to him through his wife. If one gets angry at his employee – when he comes home his wife may become angry at him. If he was kind – she may be kind with him.

So – if a man sees that his wife is not acting with respect – the obvious – but incorrect – reaction is being upset with her. The Torah’s recommended reaction is not to correct her – to but to correct yourself – correct the action you did that prompted your wife to become upset.

If she reflects your deeds – you should not get angry at her – correct yourself and that will hopefully extinguish the negative attitude of your wife. Obviously – your reaction also depends on the situation. This is a simplified answer – to bring out the point. This point is also brought in the book “Garden of Peace” by rabbi Shalom Arusch.

My Bout With Covid – Practical Advice to Fight the Virus

Note: This is one person’s account of how he dealt with COVID-19. Obviously, one should consult a competent physician for treatment of any ailment.

The Man & the Motorcycle

Once a Baal Teshuva – a person who repented from their past ways and decided to follow halacha / Jewish Laws talked to Rabbi Noach Weinberg – the founder of Aish HaTorah – a Yeshiva for Baalei Teshuva. He said “Rabbi – G-d and I are close. Once I was riding on my motorcycle on a narrow road winding around a mountain. All of a sudden a big truck is coming my way. I veer off the side off the road – my motorcycle falls and I grab onto a branch on the mountain side and I hold on until the police came. You see how G-d saved me!” Rabbi Noach answered him “That’s impressive. But who do you think sent the Truck?”

He meant to tell him – that just as his being saved was sent by Heaven – his dangerous situation was also sent by Heaven.

If that’s the case – why did G-d send the the truck in order to save him. Let this young man not encounter the truck? The answer – this is the way G-d communicates with us. He sends us messages daily. Whether we listen or not is in our hands. But if we tune ourselves in – we can hear clear messages daily. Sometimes a person deserves a bad decree due to their actions – but their prayer, teshuva / Repentance to Hash-m & Tzedaka / charity to a worthy Torah cause – changes the decree.

Teshuva, Tefilah & Tzedaka Removes a Bad Decree

If G-d just let this young man go on his way – he would probably be still be riding his motorcycle into the horizon. This incident gave the person a reason for self-introspection. The boy was intelligent and was appreciative of G-d’s kindness of saving his life and thus decided to learn more about Torah Judaism by enrolling in a Yeshiva.

HaKol Biydei Shamayim – Hutz MeYireat Shamayim. Everything is in the hands of Heaven – except for the fear of Heaven.

Recently, I received a message in the form of the Covid-19. Barukh Hash-m, I survived. Someone in my family tested positive for Covid. Soon after I felt tired. I had the symptoms and also tested positive. Due to fatigue I spent much of my days resting in bed. I could hardly eat or drink. I took a sip here and there of seltzer or some soup. My sense of smell became more attuned. I shunned smells of cooking from the kitchen. I had the chills and getting up at times invoked dizziness. I was reluctant to sit up because I did not want to feel that dizziness. Almost 5 days I spent going from couch to bed.

When my sister heard I was not feeling well – she sent me a a slew of Vitamins, minerals and pills – Zinc, Quercetin (to help allow the zinc to be processed by the body), vitamin C, vitamin D and others. She was in Morocco about a year before – she happened to buy (Azix / Zithromax) Azithromicin (Z-pack) 500 mg. There – Azithromicine is sold over the counter. She sent me the Azithromicin.

I was reluctant to take it but my spouse mentioned that it is most effective if you take it in the beginning of the ailment. So I listened. I took 1 pill the first day and 1/2 pill the rest of the days.

After about five days I was able to get up. I started eating small amount of foods. I avoided – meat, eggs, nuts, beans, dairy and cheese and other proteins. (as it says in Masechet / Talmud Tractate Berakhot 57b). Little by little I was able to build up strength to be able to leave the house after about 10 days of the onset.

Someone suggested I take an IV (Intravenous) for dehydration but I abstained. I took mineral water. Some people who had Covid did do the IV and did feel better from the dehydration.

Fortunately, I didn’t need a respirator or an oxygen mask. Some people who did use the respirator – were caused more harm than good. If the technician who sets it, is not an expert – it may cause harm. Thus in many cases the oxygen mask is more prudent. My father, z”l, who passed on many years ago, was hooked up to a respirator. I am not sure if the hospital’s staff din not regulate the machine properly. One of his last words was “I am exhausted.”

I prayed to Hash-m to heal me. I said I know that my transgressions caused me to receive this. I did some teshuva and did my hishtadloot – effort to be healed and Hash-m sent me a refuah. It was a tough message – but Barukh Hash-m – thank G-d I survived.

Afterwards, since I was in bed for at least 1 day – I did the birkat ha Gomel at the Torah. Birkat HaGomel is said after an Aliya at the Torah to thank G-d for saving a person from a dangerous situation (Kol “HaHayim” Yodukha Selah / All the Living will Praise You (Hash-m) forever. – is the verse that alludes to this blessing. It is said by H’avush – a captive. Yisurim – a person who was ill in bed. Yam – someone who traversed a sea. Midbar / Mem – a person who went through the Midbar / Desert.)

Shulchan Arukh – Orakh Haim – Siman 219 ברכת הודאת היחיד. ובו ט סעיפים:

ארבעה צריכים להודות יורדי הים כשעלו ממנה והולכי מדברות כשיגיעו ליישוב ומי שהיה חולה ונתרפא ומי שהיה חבוש בבית האסורים ויצא וסימנך וכל החיי”ם יודוך סלה “חולה “יסורין “ים “מדבר:

We learn the way to life in the Yom Kippur services – Teshuva, Tefillah and Tzedaka save a person from a bad decree. I was fortunate that my and my beloved ones tefilot / prayers were answered.

How to Save Several Hours a Week with One Small Act – Confessions of a Former Smart Phone Addict

At times we hear but don’t listen. At times we listen but don’t hear. Many people talk about the inefficiency of using a smart phone. I shrugged it off. “I need to check Whatsapp messages. I can see the weather. I can check the web. I need a GPS. I can’t get rid of it.”

Recently I was listening to a shiur / lecture by a Talmid Chacham – Rabbi Lior Glazer in Hebrew. I forgot the topic. But one of the things he mentioned was that the smart phone has become an item of addiction.

Today, many people search for Yeshuot / salvations. They do segulot, give tzedaka, pray. All good things. Some go to great rabbis to ask for a blessing. Rabbi Glazer said that a Gadol HaDor / Great Rabbi of the Generation – Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky – used to tell people to go to a person who was humiliated in public – and did not respond – and ask him for a blessing. That person’s blessing will most likely be effective.

He said recently – Rabbi Kanievsky – has been giving other advice to have a Yeshua / Salvation. “Get rid of one’s smart phone.”

So I decided to put my smart phone on ice. I bought a flip phone. I locked the web browser. Now I can’t surf with my phone or check my whatsapps with it. (Now I check my whatsapps with my computer once a day).

I noticed something interesting. I have Norton Parental control on my smart phone and computers. I noticed that just my weekly whatsapp usage went down to about a one quarter of the time of my former usage. Let’s say the usage time was about 3 and one half hours. It went down to 50 minutes – Saving me about 2 hours and 40 minutes a week.

When I do check my whatsapp – it do it once a day. I get all these messages. Most of them are not personal. Many are ads.

I used to check my messages almost every hour. Now I check once a day. People can still call me. People can send me text messages. I don’t get distracted.

I feel less stressed. More in control. Less dependent on the phone. It’s a great feeling. And I’m more efficient.

The Two Requirements to Win a Discussion, Debate or Argument

I learn from experience. I can prove to you anything that the Torah says is true. I can prove to you my point of view. However – sometimes when one gets involved in a discussion the heat goes higher and the words get louder.

In the Parasha of VaYechi – the last parasha of Bereshit – Yosef at the end of his life talks to Benei Yisrael – he tells them – pakod yifkod etchem – G-d will surely deliver you. Why does he use a double language –  He he could have said just – “yifkod”. The Baal HaTurim mentions that “Pakod” is that G-d will deliver you in the merit of the forefathers. “Yifkod” refers to that G-d will redeem you because of the merit of the matriarchs.

In order for a person to be redeemed – one must make an effort to be redeemed. He can’t wait at his home and wait for the mailman to bring him his income. He has to make some kind of effort – as small or great as he thinks will be fruitful to achieve his goal. What is that amount? Apparently – the amount that he will not regret that he should have made more effort.

So the Jews had to make some kind of effort to be redeemed. The merit of the patriarchs and matriarchs – might just be that they ingrained in the Jews that each one is responsible for one another.

That is one of the three reasons why they were redeemed – because they didn’t change their language (they spoke in Hebrew), they didn’t change their style of dress and they did kindness with one another.

Apparently to be redeemed they also had to fix the trait that caused them to descent to Mitzrayim / Egypt. The Brothers were jealous of Yosef. This caused them to judge him unfavorably. This had a domino effect leading them to ultimately descent to Egypt for 210 years.

What was the cause of this? One reason was the lack of communication. If it was bothering them that Yosef had grandiose dreams of becoming a ruler of them- they should have expressed it to him in a non-provocational manner. And worked it out.

They did not. We went down to Egypt. What can we learn? If something is bothering you – go to the person and express it in a non-provocational manner. Ask him or her in a calm and private setting why they acted that way and that it upset you. The person will likely respond nicely if you don’t start with accusations or provocations.

In having a peaceful relationship – one must also make an active effort to have peace and not just expect things to work out.

So what are these two requirements to win an Discussion, Debate or Argument?

1. Win the argument – through open discussion, willingness to hear truth vs. what you want to hear.

2. Assure that throughout the discussion, you are not putting the other down, making them feel badly, provoking them or insulting them. That’s the more difficult part. You should try to sincerely understand where they are coming from and they should understand where you are coming from.

If you do win the argument but make the other feel badly – you may have provided the proper proofs but lost in the long run. You want them to be on your side when you finish the discussion – not against you.

Make them feel good. That was what Yosef did when he interpreted the dream of Pharaoh – he showed all the advisors of Pharaoh that they would be needed to save Egypt from hunger. Yosef taught us this method. His way of discussing helped in ultimately saving Mitzrayim from hunger. It is also a method that could save your friendship, your job or your marriage.

More Prayers & Segulas for Hanuka

Segulot for Zot Chanukah by Rav Raphael Avitan

This was sent out this morning, we only had the chance to translate it now. There’s a video that was sent out as well, that we’re working on the translation as well.

Baruch Hashem we have reached one of the greatest and most auspicious days of the year, where we can be blessed with our salvation and good tidings which is the holy day of Zot Chanukah- “This is Hanukkah” which will take place tonight Thursday to tomorrow night before Shabbat. To take advantage of this very important day, I am writing out some segulot that will help each and every one of you with Hashems help receive an abundance of salvation physically and spiritually:

  1. The first thing you need to do, is to be kind and pass on and share this message on Facebook and WhatsApp to as many men and women as possible, in order to increase your merits, especially on such a big day.
  2. Tonight after the lighting of the eighth and last candle of Chanukah, one should try to disconnect from the phone TV computer etc. and concentrate on the great light emanating from the holy menorah and draw from it all the holiness and tremendous energy that is within it.
  3. After reciting the tehillim you said every day by the menorah (last verse in chapter 90 going right into chapter 91- 7 times, followed by chapter 30, 19, 67- preferably in the shape of a menorah, 121, 100, 33, and 150 followed by Ana BKoach) it is very important for both men and women to say the general correction known as the Tikkun Haklali revealed by Rabbi Nachman of Breslav and say orally that you are aiming to be cleansed of all the negative shells and energies.
    (The Tikkun Haklali consists of the following ten chapters of Tehillim 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137 and 150)
  4. It is very important to say the chapter 119 of Tehillim. Not all of it, just the 8 verses that correspond to the letters of your name and your mother’s name.
    Example דוד בן שרה David ben Sara… you’d start with verse number 25 through 32 each of those verses begins with the letter ד. Then find the 8 verses that begin with ו
    those verses begin from 41-48 etc. Once you’ve said all the verses pertaining to your name(s) and the verses that pertain to your mother’s name(s) then say the verses that begin with א.מ.ו. נ.ה and the letters מ.ז.ל.
  5. It is important to say the prayer of Nishmat Kol Chai, followed by Yishtabach very important not to say the blessing at the end of Yishtabach (you can find Nishmat Kol Chai in your siddur in the Shabbat morning prayers or Google Nishmat Kol Chai Ashkenazi or Sefadic Nusach) on this holy evening.
  6. You must know that your whole next year depends on these prayers, so invest your time in prayers tonight reciting as much Tehillim/ Psalms as possible. And in particular thank our Father in heaven for all you have, and ask Him for everything you are missing. As much as you ask even if you repeat the same words it brings great salvations.
  7. Since this day is an important day of the year equivalent to Yom Kippur, as the Kabbalists wrote. It is therefore very important that each one takes upon themselves a mitzvah that is a bit hard for them, that they want to work on more. Saying bli neder (without a vow) “I take on the mitzvah of __ to work on it more”, this “vow” is between you and the Creator. This is a great way to create a vessel to hold abundance and blessing.
  8. A great segula for single men and women, say tomorrow, either Friday morning or afternoon, the seventh chapter in sefer Bamidbar and then ask Hashem in your own words that by next Chanukah you’ll establish a bayit ne’eman b’ Yisrael – a faithful home in Israel.
  9. Take one area that is most difficult to you in life. For example, finding a spouse, livelihood, health, peace, home, etc. And pray for it for 15 minutes straight while all the candles are lit, even if you repeat the same words and requests over and over again the main thing is to have a quarter of an hour straight on one thing, not including the other things you have already prayed for.

I wish everyone a happy Chanukah full of salvation and a good signing for a good and sweet year.

From me, Rabbi Raphael Avitan.”

Please excuse any typos and or grammatical errors.

What’s Stopping My Success? Breaking Barriers to Blessings

Torah to Your Inner Self

A Person Following Torah becomes their real self. The Torah contains the guidelines to help a person reach their essence. A person’s essence is their soul. Think of it. A body is basically a sophisticated network of physical material. Normally a body should be inert. What gives it animation? A Soul. So really the soul is the essence of the person. The body is the “clothing” of the soul – so to speak.

Through following the Torah laws person sheds the secondary and focuses on the primary. One gets in touch with their soul, becomes closer to the Creator / Hash-m and thus becomes much more of an individual – as opposed to a follower of trends and fashions. I know. I used to be a trend setter and fashion follower.

Individualist Rabbis

Thus you find Orthodox Jews who are very different in terms of goals, aspirations and skills. This applies to Rabbis as well. You have Rabbis that do computer research on Torah – like Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson. You have outreach Rabbis – Like Rabbi Noach Weinberg, z”l – the Founder of Aish HaTorah. You have Great Rabbis in Jewish Law – Like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Zt”l. You have Rabbis that are Kabbalists – Like Baba Sali, zt”l and Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri – involved in the Mystical secrets of Torah.

The Tale of Blocked Blessing

I think I heard this story from Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein. A business man – involved in various lucrative business ventures – noticed that many of his deals went bad just when he was ready to close. He went to a kabbalist Rabbi – who knew the spiritual nature of the world. The businessman explained his problem. The Rabbi responded “Your children are stealing from you!” The man was very surprised. “How is that possible? My children are 3 years old and 8. They can’t steal?”

The Kabbalist asked “Do you ever spill your seed?” The man responded affirmative – he explained hesitantly that he goes on many business trips without his wife and thus he falls to the temptation of spilling the seed in vain – which is forbidden in Torah. The Kabbalist explained – that when he did this it created defective spiritual children in the other worlds. When pipes of blessing for this man started flowing – these children would complain to G-d and say look what their father did to them and thus the flow of blessing stopped. Thus he kept losing his business deals.

No Person that Never Sins

There is not a person in the world that only does good and never sins – according to the laws of the Torah. Some accept this as their nature and have no remorse for the bad they have done or don’t even recognize it as bad – either because of ignorance or because they say “everyone else is doing it.”

From the Story we see how blessing is blocked. Sins block blessing. Lack of merit also may block blessing.

Things that Block Blessing

In Torah – there is a physical nature in the world and a spiritual nature of the world. Gravity causes things to fall to the ground in the physical world. Sins block blessing in the spiritual world.

Quarrels also block blessing. Once a married couple was childless for many years . They were in a quarrel with another family. Finally after many years – one decided to get up and ask for forgiveness. When they made peace – the couple had a child.

I heard a story of another childless couple. All the time they were living in a house – they weren’t able to have children. Once in cleaning the house they found inappropriate magazines in the attic above their bedroom. They threw them in the garbage and shortly after they had children.

It’s possible that a person promiscuous when single – might have sins come to block their blessing them when married. Although a newly married couple is forgiven of their sins – the repercussions might still come to block them.

The Evil Eye

Blocked blessing may be caused by the Evil Eye / Ayin HaRa’. Keeping things simple might be a way to avoid blocked blessing. What is the Evil Eye? When a person feels slighted because of someone else’s blessing – G-d takes out the books of both and sees if the person really deserves his blessing. Someone shows off their new Land Rover in front of a person – whose car was just repossessed. G-d then sees if he really deserves that car.

A Rabbi, in charge of an organization – Bonei Olam – that helps childless couples to bear children – asked Rav Steinman, zt”l – why are their so many childless couples. He answered – because of Ayin HaRa’ / The Evil Eye. He Said that Either they had a lavish wedding, or moved into a lavish home after their wedding. (Story from

The Rabbi tried to confirm this by asking some of the people who he was dealing with if they had a large wedding or got a large apartment after getting married. Many of the couples answered affirmatively.

Unblocking Blessing

 To unblock blessing – it might be as simple as doing Teshuva (repentance). Teshuva in Torah starts by recognizing ones faults. One then regrets those faults or failings. One makes an effort to correct them. And One commits to not doing them again.

If someone wronged someone else – they can go and apologize. Or if you see your friend – who may have slighted you in the past is suffering – forgive them with all your heart. Remove yourself from all quarrels.

To Remove the Evil Eye from oneself – there are many remedies or segulas. A Sefer called  רפואה וחיים can be found on a site called (search refuah) – that contains remedies / segulot against it. The Moroccan Jews know of certain spices to make incense to rid oneself of it.

Prayer & prayer with tears always are a way to break down the barriers of blessing.

Being thankful for what G-d gave you also opens doors. A special prayer of thanks to Hash-m – can be said.

Tikkun HaKlali – תיקון הכללי  by Nachman of Breslov – מחבר: נחמן מברסלב‎
are a group of ten psalms arranged by Rebbe Nahman to atone for sins and especially for wasted seed. Rabbi Nachman

Tikun haklali can correct & infuse the 10 powers of the soul with spirituality & joy. It corresponds to “Ten Kinds of Music” · frequencies of holiness · corresponding to ten Sefirot (Spiritual Emanations of G·d). It undoes 10 forces of impurity & opacity, blocking soul & preventing passage of Divine abundance, understanding & clarity. It opens doors to blessing & unblocks blessing withheld due to sin. The 10 Psalms / Tehillim are 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137 & 150.


A New Diet – The ‘Choose the Good’ Diet to Help You Stay Healthy

Staying at home due to quarantines – may help book lovers – but may deter dieters. It’s tempting to use boredom time to eat. Many gained weight during this period. Obviously to stay fit – one should have a regiment of exercise, healthy food and a healthy mind set.

Healthy Food – eat a good breakfast. Eat Bread (Pat Shaharit) in the morning and dates.

Exercise – keep in shape and do breathing exercises.

Have a healthy mindset – learn Torah, pray to Hash-m and do mitzvot. (Look up happiness on our site) – see happiness card.

We will focus on Dieting.

Dieting should be not an exercise in abstention – but a way to choose better foods for the health. At times you can choose something that has more calories but also more nutrition. Apparently Certain juices have more calories than a can of coke – but they provide more nutritional ingredients than soda.

Don’t say I will stop drinking Soda – do so in moderation. Let’s say you want a food, drink or snack. Put both the desired food and the healthy alternative in front of you. Take a sip or bite of the healthy alternative first. (Obviously say the Berakha before).

Then decide if you want the other.

A chocolate brownie and an orange.

A cupcake and a granola bar.

A coke and grape juice.

Drink cold water – a person used to sugar can break the sugar habit by taking something refreshing. Like the foods mentioned above. Instead of a coke take half water & half seltzer with ice. It refreshes and quenches.

Breathing Exercises – I spoke with a Doctor – Dr. Peter Reznik. He mentioned that certain breathing exercises increase the alkaline in the blood. This increased alkaline helps the body to prevent and remove illnesses – like bacteria, viruses and even cancer. He has videos on the subject.

Stay active – One way to fight the virus is to keep active. Follow a healthy regiment and pray to Hash-m to be healthy and He will help you. Like it says “G-d helps those who help themselves.”


Ways G-d Run’s the World – 8 Spiritual Reasons Why Trump will Win Election According to Torah

Just like in the physical world – nature exists – so too in the spiritual world. One may think  things happen through chance at times – but really everything is calculated precisely by G-d. In last week’s parasha / Torah reading we learned that G-d conducts the world in one of two ways – through the nature of the physical world or through miracles.

The concepts below are some ways that G-d runs the world. Looking at the concepts and the variables – it points to that Trump will win the election.

  1. Midah Keneged Midah / Measure for Measure

G-d acts with people measure for measure. If one does good – he receives good. If one does the opposite he receives the opposite. Trump did good for America and Israel in general – thus G-d will be good to him.

2. Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li / If I am not for myself who will be for me

Hillel said in pirkei avot – “If I am not for myself – who will be for me?” Meaning if one helps himself – G-d will help them. If one helps the country – G-d will help that person help the country. Trump has put the country’s interest first – before the interests of other countries.

3. Sonei Matenot Yichye/ those who hate gifts will live.

A person who avoids taking gifts will be more successful than one who does. Trump did not take a presidential salary. He took $1 – even though he deserves to be paid for his position.

4. Tefillah / Prayer & hakarat hatov / gratitude

Because of the positive things that Trump has done for the Jewish people – like recognizing the Israel as the Jewish Nation, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, helping to make peace between Israel and Arab nations and that he plans to do – the Jews will pray for Trump to win. They have hakarat hatov / gratitude for his acts.

5. Tzadik Gozer ve Hash-m Mekayem / The Righteous Declare and Hash-m Fulfills

If a righteous person – who follows Torah strictly – makes a declaration – G-d will fulfill it. Many righteous Jews are praying that Trump will win and supporting him.

6. Hamatchil BeMitzvah Omrim Lo Gemor / One who start’s a Mitzvah we tell him to Continue

When one starts doing a mitzvah – G-d helps him to continue. Trump started helping making peace between with the Arab nations and Israel – G-d will let him continue.

7. Time of Mashiach people will turn towards G-d

In the times of Mashiach – people will slowly turn to serving Hash-m. The Covid virus caused many to analyze their lives and introspect and search for G-d. People are becoming closer to G-d. Trump’s values are more in line with the 7 Noahide laws for all people than his opponent.

8. The Opponents of Trump are for Murder of innocent

Abortion in most cases is forbidden in Torah. One of the only time’s that it is permitted is if carrying the baby to full term will physically endanger the mother’s life. Late term abortions and abortions that do not fit the categories that are permitted by the Torah is prohibited.

Great Rabbis Rav Moshe Feinstein, Rav Ya’akov Kamenetsky and Rav Joseph B. Soloveitchik called abortion murder.

In any case – whoever wins – lev hamelech biyad Hash-m the heart of the king is in the hand of G-d. G-d will ultimately guide the country in the the best way. Hash-m should help us to find the best leader to help the world live peacefully and with respect for one another. Amen.