Happiness Through Judaism

babyLife is easier observing Judaism.

Torah Observant Jews have higher levels of well-being than their counterparts of every other group in America, according to new data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Observant Jews Scored a 71.2 in the composite score of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.


1. Relationship with Hash-m

A Torah Observant Jew has an added dimension in his life. He is in regular communication with Hash-m, when praying, saying blessings, expressing hopes to help him get through the day. We always have Hash-m to turn to at any time or any place. Belief in G-d gives us more strength to overcome challenges of everyday life. Your prayers are answered.

2. All Our Acts are Purposeful and Elevated
Some may say, I want to do what I want when I want, I don’t need rules. But Each physical act done as a Mitzvah elevates the act to doing the will of the Creator and also gives us purpose in each act that we do. The act has an effect on our personal character traits. By doing and achieving our purpose, we believe in ourselves and become ourselves and live a more meaningful life.

3. Your Questions are Answered.
If you want to know what is expected of you just look in the Torah.
Want to know the why of anything? Look in the Torah.
One realizes that life has a purpose. His purpose is clear and he spends time achieving it – rather than being in doubt of what it is.

4. Know What is Right and What is Wrong
When the average person, has an ethical dilemma or any other question in life, they ask professors, family, friends, neighbors, or thinks tanks – till they get answers – not necessarily the same or correct.

The Torah, given 3,300 to the Jewish nation, by Hash-m, at mount Sinai – the only time in History that G-d appeared to an entire nation (no other people or faith can say this) gives you all the answers. What is right and what is wrong according to Hash-m not society.

Here is a dialog of a person and a Rabbi to illustrate the Problem of Relying on Society’s Values :

Rabbi: Once I taught a class of college students about ethics. I asked them a simple question. “Why in general is one allowed to kill animals but it is not right to kill humans?”

Daniel: That’s simple. Men are more intelligent.

Rabbi: So are you proposing that killing of unintelligent people is acceptable?

Daniel: No. Not at all… Killing is not good for the society at large.

Rabbi: So if it is “good” for the society – like to save money of health care costs – can you condone killing?

No. So what is the answer?

Rabbi: It is an absolute truth that it is wrong to kill people – because G-d said it is wrong. Any reason that you can come up with besides that one – you can justify genocide. Because if society determines what is right and wrong they can justify murder, like the Nazis did. Society can change it’s mind about the law. G-d does not change His “mind” or the Law.

A person wants to do what is right. Their problem lies in 1) knowing what is right 2) knowing if his plan of action is proper for his particular situation and 3) doing it. A Torah observant Jew knows what is right from the Torah. He just has to grapple with 2) knowing if his plan of action is proper for his particular situation and 3) overcome the challenge of doing the right thing.

5. Easier to Cope and Feel Good About Yourself
Many precepts of Judaism make you feel good about yourself. On the path of the Torah, you know you are going in the right direction. Hash-m has faith in you. You can always do Teshuva (return). (see “You are Special” card in our Freebies section)

6. It Structures Your Life
Daily Structure
A Jew’s life is well structured. He or She wakes up in the morning says Modeh Ani (expressing Hash-m’s faith in us), washes hands, says the Shema, the morning prayer and eats a bread breakfast.

When eating we recite blessings on the food.
After our needs, we recite Asher Yatzar – Blessing of the wonderful creation of man.
Before retiring we recite the Shema Yisrael – expressing our belief in Hash-m.

Weekly Structure
At the end of the week we desist from creative activity on Shabbat, allowing us to rest, spend time with family and reflect on our purpose and goals in life.

Yearly Structure
Every year we are privy to various Holidays allowing us to spend time with family.

Our diet is managed by allowing us Kosher foods.
Our clothes are managed by Torah specifying appropriate clothes (Non-Shatnez (mix of wool and linen); Laws of Tzniut (Jewish Modesty for women)) Being Tzanua (Modest according to Jewish Law) allows a woman to be appreciated for her inner beauty.

(cards for Shema, Food Blessings, Asher Yatzar, Tzniut are available in freebies section)

7. Pleasure with Meaning – Judaism Makes Soul Happy
People have an Idea that if you have pleasure you will be happy. If you don’t you will not. The obvious question is – according to that is alcoholics should be the happiest people. Or all the rich should be the happiest. This is not the case.

Judaism does not encourage asceticism. On the contrary, it proposes reaching the spiritual heights through happiness and enjoying the world. There are some pleasures that please the soul and others that depress it. Those that please it are usually associated with doing kindness and Mitzvot and the opposite are those that depress it.

The Real you is your soul. Thus becoming happier is much easier. Just do pleasures that please the soul. Those are easily found in the Torah.

8. Judaism and Kids
One of the greatest pleasures in life is up bringing kids. One of the greatest pains in life is upbringing kids. The pain contributes to the pleasure – like an athlete who trains thoroughly experiences more pleasure for victory than one that did not. Like it says in Pirkei Avot “According to the Pain is the Reward.”

Some say that they refrain from having children because they do not want it to impinge on their pleasure. It is a Mitzvah to Have Children. The principle is that the greater pain the greater pleasure. The greater pain in raising the children – the greater pleasure.

Following Judaism, there are many opportunities and responsibilities for children. In the end they grow up happier and more satisfied in Life. (like shown in the well-being survey.)

We also see this pleasure in effect, with people who are careful to provide “kosher” activities to children. Their scope of activities is more limited but in the end they gain.

If a person turned off his TV for a month and then started watching it again, he would realize the excessive violence and impropriety. Those who have avoided it for the sake of their kids (and themselves) gained much satisfaction (nachat) by being occupied with constructive and self-building activities.

9. Happier Kids & Parenting
A proof to the fact that children are happier observing Judaism and going to Jewish Day schools, is that 98% of children that attended a Jewish day school – married Jewish.

I believe that there is no salesman alive that convinces 98% of his prospects to buy his products.

Some reasons why statistics say the Torah observant received the highest happiness and well-being score.

Believe in Yourself and Feel Good about Yourself.

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