Remembering the Kind Hand of G-d – Washing Machine Lesson

lgwashingmachineThe repair man called. “Please read me the error code on the Washing machine and the model and serial numbers” He seemed rushed and didn’t have time to come to check himself. “OK. that means there are two parts that must be replaced. I’ll order them and get back to you.”

That meant I had to drag loads of laundry to the laundromat. Put them in, take them out. put in dryers. Lug them back to the house – once a week. Every time taking 2 hours of my precious time.

After 3 weeks of the initial contact, the repair man comes. He inspects the machine and says “the water leading to the washing machine is almost off. That’s the problem.” He turns on the water and leaves.

All that trouble – weeks of going to the laundry to just turn on a faucet. I could have done it myself.

I learned two things. One is – If the repair man tells you to read him a code – tell him to come check it out himself.

Second is that – at times a person goes through all sorts of difficulties because there is a small matter missing from their life. In my case the small thing was that the faucet was not on properly.

In most people’s lives it is that – we overlook seeing the hand of G-d. Every thing that happens is for our personal good. A person loses a job. They complain. They criticize the boss. They condemn the company.

Hold on a minute. G-d was behind the fact that the person was fired. Maybe G-d has something better in store for you. Perhaps, he wants you to be careful not to work on Shabbat. Perhaps there was a misdeed that one did and now one is receiving their pay back. Perhaps, He wants you to not suffer in the hands of the new boss.

Many reasons. Don’t condemn. Look at the positive.

Emunah – the Small Attitutde Change –  Every thing G-d does is for the best. 

The missing ingredient in many a life is Emunah / Faith that every thing G-d does is for the best. This small attitude change, changes the whole picture. From being cloudy to sunny. From being miserable to being happy daily.

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