Face Reading – A Window to the Soul

3d-view-from-window-backgrounds-wallpapersOnce a ruler wanted to know how Moshe Rabbeinu / Moses looked. He summoned a painter to paint a picture of him. Looking at the picture – the ruler said – this cannot be Moshe. This person gets angry, can be violent and has other negative tendencies. The ruler was right – Moses by nature had these negative tendencies – but he overcame them.

This is our Job in life to overcome our negative tendencies and use our positive traits to reach or potential in perfecting the world with the guidance of the Torah.

Some people say – just accept me the way I am. But really, everyone can improve.

Using Face Reading for Sensitivity

The basic principle of the Torah is to love a fellow like one’s self. In order to do that – one is attuned to the needs of others.

Once a Rabbi & Director of a School in Israel (I believe it was R. Aryeh Levine – the Tzadik of Yerushalayim / Righteous person from Jerusalem) was watching children enter the school building. He asked his son: “What do you see?” He replied – this one has a nice book bag, this one has a ball, this one has a hole in his pants… His father replied – I see this one is happy to come to school, this one did not have a good breakfast, this one was upset by a family member. He was looking at the needs of others to be able to help them in the way that he could.

To one he would give breakfast, another a kind word, another a pat on the shoulder. This is a goal for us as well to better ourselves – to be attuned to the needs of others. One way is through face reading.

Face Reading Secrets for Successful Relationships Lecture

The face is the window to a person’s soul. The Hebrew word for face – פנים panim also means the inside. With Face Reading one is able to understand the ways people think, the reasons for their behavior, and the means to satisfy their needs. Face Reading or Human Morphology is used by human resource directors to determine the personality of job applicants. The married use it to explore the feelings of their spouse. Singles use it to gain an idea of the potential mate’s personality.

Dr. Peter Reznik, LCSW, Ph.D. Author of “Face Reading Secrets for Successful Relationships: A guidebook to understanding yourself and others” gave a Free lecture on Face Reading in Forest Hills – MJO Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue.

He Explained the 4 personality types – Bilious, Sanguine, Nervous & Lymphatic. Each one has unique qualities associated with them. Bilious is results oriented and likes to be right. Bilious is less-social but positively pessimistic. Lymphatic – is kind and sensitive. Sanguine is the sports person. Nervous is social but negatively pessimistic. Based upon the shape of someone’s face one can determine the other’s unique personality traits.

He gave examples of each temperament using contemporary popular personalities.

Using this powerful tool he explained how one gains vital, life saving knowledge. Human Morphology can help one to resolve misunderstandings and power struggles in existing relationships. Morphology can aid in the start off a new relationship with someone who has character traits that complement one’s own temperament and personality;

Singles & Face Reading

Today, singles use a plethora of aids to find out about their potential mate. The ask references – like teachers, co-workers & friends. They examine their dating resume. Now they have a new technique – Face Reading – to help them determine if the person before them is a potential marriage partner.

Although one cannot read minds, one could still tell what a friend is thinking with face reading. You can tell the aspects of a person’s personality or his or her thoughts based upon cues from the person’s face.

What can a single glance tell you about a person? If you know what to look for…PLENTY! The Science and Art of Face Reading (Human Morphology) is a key to discovering essential information about the people in your life, the people you are going to meet and yourself! There are references to Face Reading in the book of Shemot / Exodus, the book of Yehsahya/ Isaiah, Kohelet / Ecclesiastes and Zohar.

The Lecture is a part of New Community Outreach initiative of the MJO / Shaar Hashamayim Synagogue in Forest Hills. The initiative includes – programs for children – like children’s Shabbat Parties, Hebrew School & Father & Son Learning. Adults participate in Services, Shabbat Lunches & Sunday Breakfasts & Free Torah Study for Teens & Adults. This Lecture was followed by a chance to speak with the Author. For More Info please contact – MJO Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue, 112-21 72nd Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375. 718.962.4872

If one would like the recording please email us at jenet@iname.com.

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