Money – the Great Builder & Destroyer

2011_moh_coin_-_gold_proof_obversePeople want money.

ok. good. i have a million dollars.

now what? i am not going to parade with my bank statement on my lapel.

i’d rather be the son of a king – without worry about my account. no need to check how much i have, because my account is unlimited.

Emunah / Faith in Hash-m – the Unlimited Bank Account

those who have emunah – faith in Hash-m / g-d – are sons and daughters of the King of Kings. So, in reality they have an unlimited bank account. If you believe it will be good, it will be good. If you believe in Hash-m enough, you can have what you want.

once a rabbi was discussing with another rabbi – whether one must need a particular thing and believe that G-d will give it to him (if he has faith in G-d) – or is the need irrelevant – and G-d will give a person what he wants regardless if the person needs the object. the rabbi defending the no need position said “Look. I don’t need a gold watch. but i believe G-d is going to give it to me.” A short time later, someone knocked on the door. The man said “Rabbi. We were discussing an inheritance of our family. We couldn’t decide who would receive the Gold watch. So we decided we would give it to you, the Rabbi!”

so really – you don’t need a bank account – if you have enough faith in Hash-m. But you must be on the level. That’s why I carry a debit card.

my rebbe used to say – once a rabbi would make money – by finding lost money in the street. he believed – he found.

i am not on that level – but having simple faith can open doors that seem to be locked.

money is not evil

money is like fire. it can be used to build or to destroy. one can give money for charity, to a poor person, a worthy Torah institution or Yeshiva. Or it can be used for gambling, alcohol, or other vices.

Spending on Priorities

some people spend money for luxuries but skimp on necessities

i believe – that a necessity today for the spiritual upbringing of the children is – a solid Torah Day School. Some will spend thousands on a vacation, a wedding, a car – but when it comes to Torah education – they send children to the most convenient, free school. When one spends – priorities should come first.

Stinginess & Destruction

People can use their money for good. Or they can hoard it.

Once a ruler – spent the treasuries his family amassed to give to poor people. When they complained, He said to them – you didn’t benefit from your money, i did benefit from the money (i spent it for a mitzvah – of which the reward is eternal). You lost your money, I saved the money (in an account in heaven). You put it in place that it had to be guarded, i put it in a place where it needs not be guarded.

There are people that are penny-wise but dollar foolish. They refuse to get married because they don’t want to spend on their spouse. They destroy their marriage, because they are demanding to the penny about spending. There is a category of people that their money is like their blood. Interesting – in Hebrew blood & money – have a common word – Damim. Damim in Hebrew means blood & money.

In Pirkei Avot it says “Who is Rich? The one who is content with their lot.” (Chapter 2:1)

A friend told me – if one puts their faith in money or makes their happiness dependant upon money – if their stock goes up – they are happy. If it goes down – they are sad. When one puts their faith in Hash-m – regardless of the stocks going up or down – one will be happy. Because he or she knows that all that the Merciful One (Hash-m) does – He does for the good.

Giving Priorities

Priorities exist in giving – one should give to a close family member before a stranger. One Should give to members of his community before other communities. One Should give to people following Torah before those that do not. One should give to Torah institutions before giving to Secular institutions.

One should know where his or her money is going to help others.

Be big. Give to the Poor. Give to the Torah institutions. You chase them. Don’t let them chase you. Do good with your money.

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