A Substitute for Mayonnaise is Hummus

I am no vegan – but moving slightly in that direction. I do like egg salad. So how am I going to get the crushed eggs to stick together – Hummus. If you add enough spices to the salad you may not notice the missing mayonnaise. I add salt, cumin, pepper, onion powder and other spices.

Getting Out of Cruise Control

Many people are stuck in cruise control mode. I have my life – I continue cruising – until I hit a bump. That was me a long time ago. Go with the flow. Do what’s popular. Until I hit a bump.

This bump woke me up to the reality that life is not just following the crowd. It is much more satisfying to live a life that is thought out. That I follow what I think is good – rather than what others think is good. I found Torah laws to be truth after a long, thought out search for meaning and reasons for my problems and existence. But I am used to the good life. Instead of abandoning pleasure, I substituted one enjoyment for a more meaningful enjoyment.

So I substituted non-Kosher food with Kosher food. I substituted – watching TV with reading Jewish Aggadah / Stories. I substituted going shopping on Saturday – with going to synagogue on Shabbat.

It is said in Torah – that for every forbidden pleasure – there is a substitute. For instance – someone used to bacon – can eat kosher facon or beef fry. For shrimp – there are fish that taste like shrimp. The list goes on.

The quest for a more meaningful Torah life is easier if you find the right substitute.

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