Indiana Jones and the Temple of Judaism

beithamikdashVendyl Jones, a famed Archeologist, was a professor that uncovered many important Jewish artifacts. He uncovered the Copper Scroll in the Quomran Caves and the Ketoret – the incense that was used in the Beit HaMikdash / the Holy Jewish Temple and the Anointing Oil. Some say the character, Indiana Jones – who was an archaeologist – was based upon him – yet some deny it.

Aside from the important archaeological discoveries he made – he also became a Ben Noach. A follower of the 7 Noahide laws – given in the Torah for all people of the world to follow. Later in his life, some Rabbis encouraged him to find missing artifacts from the Temple. He believed if he was able to discover certain artifacts from the temple – it would have helped to unite Jews from all parts of the spectrum.

The 7 Noahide laws are Laws given to Adam, Noah and Moses in the Torah by G-d for all of Humanity – Jews and Gentiles – to follow. Jews also have additional commandments.

Two of Vendyl’s children became full-fledged Jewish converts through an Orthodox Rabbi.

Followers of the the Noahide Laws are growing. In recent years the worldwide movement called B’nai Noach or Noachides has increased due to people searching for truth and a real relationship with G-d. Maimonides explains a Non-Jew who accepts the truth of Torah and observes the Seven Laws of Noah faithfully earns a proper place in heaven.

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