How Torah Brought the World to a More Perfect State

6a011570601a80970b01156fedb155970c-800wiThe Torah has made changes to the world. To make a comparison to the world of yesteryear and the world of Today brings out some differences.

Here is a resume of some of the points of how the Torah brought the world to a greater state of perfection.:

1. Monotheism – Torah taught the belief in One G-d. People used to commit Idolatry on a larger scale – which included human sacrifices – and anarchy.

2. Respect for Human Life – The Torah gave the Laws to nations to not murder. Now it is on the books of all civilized nations

3. Trial by Judges

4. Respect of the Privacy of Others

5. Respect for Monogamy – Respect of the Sanctity of Marriage and Family

6. Respect for the Body of Others – In Rome the decadence was such that respect of the married, men, women and children was not a value.

7. Not causing pain to Animals

We can see the development in perfecting the world by paralleling them with the 7 Noahide commandments given to all humanity by G-d in the Torah.

The Seven Noahide Laws
They are seven major categories – that with their details consist of 30 laws.

1) Respecting G-d – Not to blaspheme.

2) Being Faithful to G-d – Not to Commit Idolatry.

3) Respecting Human Life – Not to Kill.

4) Respecting One’s Fellow’s Property – Not to Steal.

5) Respecting the Integrity of the Family – Not to commit forbidden relations – which includes prohibitions of adultery, incest, bestiality and homosexuality.

6) Respect of Life
– Not to eat a limb taken from a living animal.

7) Law and Order
– Establishing courts of law to enforce these laws.

Aish HaTorah Offers a 12-Part Series on a Noted Jewish Historian – Rabbi Ken Spiro’s Lectures on “WorldPerfect” by Rabbi Kenneth Spiro.

1: Key Values for a Perfect World – What is the source of our utopian world vision?

2: Value of Life – Today’s violence in sports is child’s play compared to many ancient cultures.

3: War & Peace – Nations often employ the law of the jungle: Might makes right.

4: Justice for All – Greek democracy was far from “one person, one vote.”

5: Mass Education – Education is power. Mass illiteracy keeps people under control.

6: Family Values
– Greek civilization viewed pederasty as the highest form of love.

7: Social Responsibility
– The Jews introduced the key concepts of modern morality.

8: The Jewish Perspective – He who saves one life is as if he saves an entire universe.

9: Jewish Justice & Education
– The Jewish king was not above the law; rather he exemplified it.

10: Jewish Family & Responsibility – Biblical values became the basis for social welfare.

11: Monotheism and its Implications – America’s Founding Fathers turned to the Bible for inspiration.

12: Looking Forward – Everyone is part of the whole, responsible one for another.

Rabbi Kenneth Spiro. also has an Audios and more on Jewish History and the subject of WorldPerfect – how the Torah brought the world to a greater state of perfection.

A recent video explaining the contributions of the Jews can also be seen in a work called “The Mystery of the Jews”

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