Establishing a Connection with G-d. A Primer.

Red Hibiscus Flower
G-d made a fascinating world.


All in nature is needed.

The Bees to pollinate the flowers.

Trees for wood.

Metal for objects.

Ferocious animals here because the world would seem incomplete without them.

Radio waves for cell phones.

Flowers for beauty.

All is to serve the crown of creation, man.

Obviously, we must treat nature with respect.

And appreciate it.


If a person does not enjoy the permitted pleasures, G-d will ask him or her in the next world, why did you not enjoy this fruit.

G-d does not want us to be an ascetic or a recluse.

He wants us to enjoy and appreciate.

G-d wants us to enjoy for within the constraints he set for us. For our own good.

Eating Kosher

It is good for the soul. It allows a person to refine oneself and better understand spirituality.

Once a woman asked a rabbi to explain the reason for a particular Mitzvah / commandment.

He explained, but she couldn’t feel it and integrate it into her being.

He asked her to eat kosher for a month and she would.

Sometimes words cannot explain what the feeling of the soul can.

People who Need People

G-d made the world that people need other people. He wants people to establish the world. It is a commandment for all people of the world – in the Seven Noahide laws.

Our gratitude can extend to thanking G-d for all the people who did things for us. The people who paved the street. The people who tended to the food until it reached our dining room table.


So what does G-d ask? Appreciation.

Once a year, we recite a blessing on the trees. Once a month we recite a blessing on the moon.

Before we eat, we recite a Blessing to thank G-d for the food. After eating we recite an after blessing.

We thank G-d for good health, after we relieve ourselves by reciting a blessing called Asher Yatzar.

We acknowledge G-d’s greatness and Oneness by reciting the Shema.

If we were to concentrate on all of the kindnesses that are provided by G-d every second, we would boost ourselves to a higher level of observance in gratitude.

A rabbi asked a question.

What does G-d provide for us every single moment, that we could not live without.

One answered – Food.

He replied – A person can live without water for a few days.

One answered, water.

A person can live without water for a few days.

One said air.

A person can hold their breath.

So what can’t we live without for one moment?


Enjoy it and Appreciate it.

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