Signs of the Jewish Redemption Close

hamikdashJews have been waiting for the redemption for thousands of years.

When the redeemer – the Mashiach – will come, ultimately he will cause peace to reign in the world.

Prophesies Fulfilled

Many Torah prophesies have been fulfilled.

It is up to us to pray and repent to merit the redemption.

If we repent and return to the ways of the Torah and call to Hash-m we will not need an all out war – called the War of Gog uMagog*. If we don’t we might have to go through one.

Some prophesies are that the world will align against Israel.

There will be great Miracles – like the Time of the Exodus from Egypt. We see many Miracles with our own eyes today that over 1,800 Armed rockets were shot at the citizens of Israel, with hardly any casualties.

This fact in itself could prompt a person to open their eyes – that G-d is protecting the Jews. If you know that G-d is protecting them, so the natural thing to do – after accepting the truth of the Torah – is to take heed to G-d’s message and be thankful to His great kindness.

The great Torah sage – the Vilna Gaon – said that the war will last about 12 minutes.

A great contemporary sage – Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, said – that “If we merit it, the redemption is very close.”

Rabbi Kanievsky alluded that this year there might not be a need to fast on the 9th of Av. When a person getting married asked him, when would be a good date to get married, he mentioned “the 9th of Av” (Av is a Jewish Month) / Tish’a B’av – which is usually a day of national mourning for the destruction of the Temple. Someone else asked the Rabbi to write a letter of approbation for his book. Rabbi Kanievsky asked “What is the Subject?” He replised “Laws of Mourning on the 9th of Av.” Rabbi replied, “There’s no need to write one, for it will not be relevant anymore.”

Now is the time to make more of an effort to follow in the pleasant paths of the Torah.

May we merit that this year be the year where the true redeemer will arrive – to bring peace to the world.

* To be protected during this period of the birth-pangs of the Messianic times the Torah says one should be diligent to partake in the third meal (and the other two) of Shabbat – Shalosh Seudos / Seuda Shelishit.

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