G-d Protecting Israel – The Message of the Missiles

city_of_davidKing David wrote Tehillim / Psalms expressing the human condition of the Jewish people. Jews recite them to express our innermost emotions and soothe our fears by appealing to the mercy of Hash-m.

In times of distress or happiness we express ourselves and our hearts with prayer and psalms.

The Shortest Section in Tehillim is 117. It expresses that the Nations of the World should praise Hash-m / G-d.

As it says:

Give Laud to Hash-m All [ye] Nations, Give Praise to Him All [ye] people.
For He Strongly Bestowed upon us [the nation of Israel] his loving-kindness
and the truth of Hash-m is always,
Praise Hash-m. (Tehillim / Psalm 117)

The question arises is why did King David tell the gentile people of the world particularly to extol Hash-m, shouldn’t the Jews also laud Hash-m?

At times nations of the world make plans to try to harm the Jewish Nation. G-d sees their plans and foils them. Only those who wanted to perpetrate these acts knew of their plans and saw firsthand how they were foiled. King David says to these people who knew of these plans and saw first hand, the Hand of G-d foiling them should offer praise to Him.

In the Gulf war, we saw scuds fired at Israel and foiled. Now, we see hundreds of missiles being fired at Israel and each one being foiled by the Hand of G-d. This psalm is very appropriate now to recite to praise Hash-m for all the open miracles.

In the time before the coming of the Mashiach / Messiah – the Torah says we will witness miracles greater in magnitude than those of the 10 plagues. Apparently this is one of them.*

Recognizing the great miracles and Kindness of G-d / Hash-m in protecting our nation, should prompt us to strengthen ourselves
in doing acts of kindness for one another,
in asking forgiveness from Hash-m for past deeds,
in doing the Mitzvot and
in making peace among ourselves.

Let’s pray to Hash-m for the continued protection and well-being of our nation in this difficult period.

* To be protected during this period of the birth-pangs of the Messianic times the Torah says one should be diligent to partake in the third meal (and the other two) of Shabbat – Shalosh Seudos / Seuda Shelishit.

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