You’ve Got a Friend

Boys Laughing Whispering and Telling SecretsA good friend is worth more than gold.

Torah recognizes this, stating “Acquire for yourself a Friend.” Our commentators explain – do so even with money (ie, by giving them gifts, helping them, etc.)

In Pirkei Avot / Ethics of the Fathers it says:

For Self-Actualization
Yehoshua son of Perahia and Nitai the Arbeli received it from them. Yehoshua ben Perahia says: Make a Rabbi of/for yourself, and acquire for yourself a friend and judge each person favorably. (Pirkei Avot 1:6)

A Rabbi that can answer your Jewish outlook, life guidance, ethical and halachic [Jewish Law] questions is essential for balanced living.

A friend that can understand you is also essential. It could be a parent, a spouse or a good person. Choosing a friend, one should assure himself that they have your interests in mind and not theirs.

Many people are lonely or lost.

They seek companionship or someone that understands them or someone that can reach out to them and empathize with their trials and travails.

At times a person might answer you roughly or curtly. We can either be ruffled or we can try to look at the picture from their point of view. Perhaps they answered you that way because they suffer deep down.

The Torah says to Judge each person on a scale of merit.

It is up to us to be able to read people to see not only what they are saying but how they are feeling inside.

True Friendship

A friend is not necessarily one that will agree with you or complete your every whim. He or she sees what you lack and tells you or helps you to complete this lack.

There were once two drunkards lying in the street. One asked the other “Do You Love Me?”

The other said “Sure I Love You!”

The first replied “If you love me tell me what I am lacking”

A real friend sees what the other is lacking and helps.

We welcome anyone to befriend us and will offer the proper advice to people in need.

The end of the quote is Judge everybody on a scale of merit. It doesn’t mean to be naive. It means, if you see they are sincere, that take into account where the person is coming from and help him or her how you can.

One who does need help should not shy away from seeking help from others. It is not a shame to ask for help. Everybody on earth needs the help of others.

Aside from seeking human help, One can always call out to Hash-m / G-d for help. Direct your prayers to Him sincerely and explain clearly what you want. He is the ultimate “Friend” that helps when one calls out to Him.

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[We regret the loss of our friend – Henry Zilberman – who helped us in times of need]

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