Kindness of the World

MP900309699“The goodness of Hash-m is such that ingrained in the nature of the world is : doing kindness brings good to the world and eventually it comes back to you.”

In Europe, before World War II, a young Torah scholar – I believe it was the Steipler Gaon, Rabbi Yaakov Kanievsky – saw a sefer (Torah Book) that he was interested in purchasing. He wrote to the author to ask if he could purchase it at a discounted price. The author graciously sent him a free copy.

After the war, when many Jews immigrated to Israel, they wanted to reprint the sefer. They could not find a copy from which to reprint. The Steipler Gaon let the publishers know that he had an original copy. They reprinted the sefer from the book that was given as a gift to the Steipler by the author.

King Solomon, the wisest of all men said it (in Kohelet 11:1) “Send your bread upon the waters and in many days you will find it”

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