A Day in the Life of South Africa – One Shabbat Rejuvenates a Nation

0147On October 11-12, 2013 – in a historical event in South Africa, lead by the Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein thousands of Jews took upon themselves to Observe the Shabbat Together in it’s entirety. Jews from all over the spectrum participated. Comedians, Radio Personalities, Doctors, Lawyers all came together showing unity and comradery in observing the special gift to the Jews – the day of Rest – the Shabbat.

Together they observed all the Jewish Laws associated with Shabbat. No cell phones, no TV, no initiation of electricity – and were ecstatic and enthusiastic to do so.

The Torah states – “If all the Jews observed One Shabbat – the redemption would come immediately.”

We see signs that Jewish women of today are starting the redemption process – as the Torah states – “Due to the Merit of the Righteous Women, the Jews were redeemed from Egypt. In the Future due to their merit, they will also be redeemed.” In Egypt the Jewish Women encouraged their husbands in the field burdened with slave labor to not lose hope and continue a normal life.

The Shabbos Project – Keeping it Together – was initiated by women preparing Challah for Shabbat.

The Great Street Challah Bake

0240The preparation for the day started with the Women Baking Challah (Bread for Shabbat). Over 2,500 people participated in this event the day before Shabbat. Each woman was provided with a bowl, with the ingredients for Challah – Flour, Oil, Water, Yeast and Salt. Each one prepared their own. The South Africans closed off the streets for this great event.

The next day lit the Shabbat candles and went to the Friday night services at a local synagogue. Together they feasted for the First Shabbat meal – consisting of meat, wine & song with great company, a spirit of togetherness and holiness. Shabbat morning, the participants walked to their closest synagogue – rather than using a car – in accordance with Jewish Law. Some walked miles. They attended the morning services, followed by the afternoon meal – consisting of delightful food and more song.

0071When the Shabbat was over – after they said Havdala (the conclusion of Shabbat prayer) they were privy to a Jewish concert with thousands saying bye to the Shabbat Queen.


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