Pushing Out Negativity, Bringing In Positivity (or Positivism – if you prefer)

It is interesting that that squiggly line that appears under misspelled words – For the word “negativity” no red squiggly line appeared – for the word “positivity” a red squiggly did appear.  Perhaps it is an indication of the lack of  positivity? Perhaps “positivism” is the real word?

Where does that negativity come from anyway?

Four words stop us in life

“I Can’t”

it creeps up in our material and spiritual aspirations.

I can’t become a great business man. I can’t become a doctor. I can’t expand my store sales. I can’t get a degree.


I can’t do do shabbat. I can’t keep kosher. I can’t say a blessing on food.


“If Only”

if only i will win lotto, i will be happy. if only i land that job, i’ll be happy.

if you want something – go and make your effort – pray to hash-m and if it is good for you G-d will give it to you.

once a woman saved a child’s life. she lifted a car that was on top of a young boy. she was interviewed by tv news. they asked – her “how does it feel like to be a hero!” she said – terrible. they asked – why? she said – after that incident she realized how much potential she had – and she didn’t use it all her life.

Change the “I can’t” to “I can.”

Change the “if only” to “it’s good”.

make small steps towards your goal.

say thanks to G-d for all that you have and for all that G-d did for you till now in that domain.

you’ll get farther that way in life.

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