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The variety of Jewish books today is wider today than ever before. Books for children, teens and adults. Books in English, French and Hebrew abound. Books on all Topics. Kosher versions of popular books and even textbooks. Fiction Suspense Novels. You name it – there is probably what you search for.

Some of the Favorite Books for and about Kids are:

The Torah Town Series.
Today, we have access to a variety of Jewish book that help parents nurture our children. An excellent Series, written by Baruch Chait is the Torah Town series. It is basically about a Town that runs things according to Torah principles. From the same author is The Incredible Voyage to Good Middos (Charachter traits).  It presents life challenges to help people improve their character traits. The stories usually end up with a moral. Interesting and excellent to help spark up conversations with the children or for children’s bedtime stories. The books help parents to deal with sometimes sensitive subjects by having the book as an intermediary for discussion. The books are so popular that the author put out a series.

A gamut of Jewish children’s  books can be found at Feldheim

The Book of Amazing Facts and Feats
– The Creator’s World and All That Fills It – By Nattan Hurvitz and Aharon Yosef Hoffman
As the title says – the book explains the wonders of the world in the perspective of Judaism. It brings out the wonder of creation and the world with exciting details and pictures.

Dealing with Children and Young Adults
Rabbi Dov Brezak is a noted author and lecturer that gives invaluable advice to help parents with upbringing children. Written in a perspective of a Rabbi and Psychologist, his books have helped countless families to improve family and parent/children relations.

Chinuch in Turbulent Times – Practical Strategies for Parents and Educators is one of his popular works. It is available at Artscroll. (Chinuch – means education in Hebrew)

Many books are available at popular book sites like Feldheim, Artscroll and the Israel Book Shop.

Or one can peruse in a Jewish Books Store.

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