Becoming Closer to G-d through . . . . Snapple?

colorful tulip fieldsOne can find much beauty in Judaism.

Every act has a purpose.

Each one can be made into a Mitzvah

Eating allows you to sustain your body and remain in good health and remain alive. Do it to be able to properly serve G-d and you receive a Mitzvah.

Going to work allows you to feed your family. Do it to be able to help them live a happy and spiritually rewarding life in Judaism, get another Mitzvah.

Playing sports and exercise is good for keeping in shape. Do it to be in good health because the Torah says we should be healthy – get another Mitzvah.

Every act can be used for connecting with the Creator.

Eating and drinking, we recite blessings to thank Hash-m for the food. These blessings not only serve to express our deep appreciation to Hash-m for the food, but to create a relationship with Him. It also brings great spiritual benefits to the world.

So, when you are ready to take a sip of the ice-cold Snapple (no they are not paying us for this) say the bracha for a beverage, drink and get a Mitzvah. (to know the proper text for Brachas / blessing on food click here)

Another way to develop your spirituality is by reading some of the “Real Facts” under the cap that deal with nature. Many are impressive. By appreciating nature, going on outings, recognizing it’s beauty and recognizing that it is the awesome work and kindness of Hash-m – you have another opportunity to connect.

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