Why Do You Feel Good When You Recycle?

MP900341698There are two receptacles in the kitchen. One for tossing away and one for recycling. Throw in one – no fun. Throw in the other – you feel like you accomplish something.


As mentioned in other posts – the person is composed of the body and soul. Your essence is your soul. When you please it you feel good. What pleases the soul? Doing the Mitzvot. Mitzvot are commandments from the Torah.

One of the Commandments is “Bal Tashchit.” – Do Not Waste. It includes refraining from unnecessary destruction and wasteful consumption (Maimonides – Kings 6:8,10).

When you recycle you accomplish this Mitzvah. Thus you feel good.

Here is someone who started a recycling program in Israel.

Green is Good.

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